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It's official!!!!!!!!!!!

If I didn't know for sure that I was already a die-hard, obsessed, addicted, hopelessly-head-over-heals-in-love Jaredgirl, then I do now.

The Jus in Bello con was on in Rome this weekend and heaps of the SPN cast were in attendance, including Jared and Jensen. However, Jared had to leave sometime between Fri night and Sat morning due to a family emergency and flew back to the States with Gen and Thomas. Word going around twitter was that someone in Gen's family had been in a car accident, but this hasn't been officially confirmed. Jared did tweet last night that it was 'a serious event', so details don't really matter.

Anyways, wake up this morning and my flist is full of vids from the con and tweet summaries and pics of all the shenannigans that go on at JIB. And I have almost zero interest in watching or reading or looking at any of them. I normally devour every scrap of con-stuff I can find as soon as I can find it. But that's not happening this time. and it's for 1 reason. Jared isn't there.

I've only watched 3 clips so far and all 3 are explicitly about or mention  the fact that JARED IS NOT THERE:

1/ Jensen records a message for Jared:

2/ Jensen at JIB opening:

3/ Jensen talking about what he does on his summer break and how much JIB means to both him and Jared:

Now I love Jensen heaps  and I really like the rest of the cast, but it just doesn't feel the same seeing Jensen on stage with someone who is not Jared. Maybe 1 day in the future I'll feel like watching some of these vids but I fear that isn't going to happen anytime soon.
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