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Sam Winchester walks into a bar and meets..............

So, a little over a week I ago I signed up for a challenge at intoabar .Basically you supply a character and four other fandoms you'll write, then the mods pick another character from one of the four fandoms for your inital character to interact with in a bar.

My post was this:
Who walks into the bar?: Sam Winchester
What fandom are they from?: Supernatural
What other fandoms can you write?: X-Files, Farscape, Queer As Folk (US version only please) & Quantum Leap

And my assignment is:

Sam Winchester walks into a bar and meets... Ziggy! (from Quantum Leap)

Arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh, Ziggy isn't even human. She's an Artificial Intelligence computer. This is going to be quite a challenge. Unless my twisted mind comes up with something really out-there, then this is going to be gen with a bit of flirting going on, perhaps even some slightly tipsy Sam. Have a couple of ideas formulating already and the title-- 'Oh Boy!' popped into my head as soon as I knew I'd be writing a QL crossover. Oh, well time to dig out my QL dvd's and get re-aquainted with Ziggy.

'Oh Boy!!!!!' indeed.
Tags: character: sam winchester, character: ziggy, crossover, fic challenge, intoabar, ql fic, sam winchester, spn fic, tv show: quantum leap
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