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Soul Bond -- John/Sam (Extreme underage) 1/2

TITLE: Soul Bond 1/2
GENRE: Slash, Kink
PAIRINGS: John/Sam, John/Jessica, Sam/Jessica, John/Sam/Jessica, John/Mary
WORDS: 11,400
WARNINGS: Extreme, extreme underage (Sam is 6 months-15 years/Jessica is a newborn), age difference (John is 25-40), breath-play, bondage, watersports & golden showers, flogging, male lactation, mpreg, childbirth, dub-con, anal, masturbation, blindfolds, BDSM,  father/ daughter incest
SUMMARY: Sometimes the best things come in the tiniest packages.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Fill for this prompt at the SPN kink meme:

Sam isn't John's son, he's his bondmate and soul mate, from a very early age. Like the bond forms somehow while Sam is an infant or he's born with it.

It should be in an AU where everyone has that one person who is their soul mate, and they will never love another. There should be some kind of visible sign that people are each others soul mates, like a matching, complex birthmark. Most of the time, your soul mate is someone close in age, someone close geographically. It's not hard to find each other. Other times, Heaven screws up and soul mates are born years and years or thousands of miles apart. So there's a registry office or something, where you can register your mark and they find your soul mate for you.

John is in a loveless marriage to Mary. People in this AU do sometimes marry people other than their soul mates. They were infatuated with each other for a while, but that's worn off and it's pretty obvious, they hate each other now. Then one night John gets a call from the soul mate registry office. They've found his soul mate. It's an infant that was found abandoned in a public restroom.

John is allowed to take his infant soul mate home with him. What happens? How soon does their sexual relationship start? Hopefully, as young as the author dares. Does John ease him into it step by step? Birthday milestones? It'd also be awesome if eventually, Sam has John's baby, but if you're not comfortable with mpreg, you could skip that part.

Any kink but bestiality is fine, so long as the intent is to bring pleasure to both parties. I suppose this is dub-con, because of the young age, but please, not the slightest hint of non-con, nor John doing anything to purposefully hurt Sam. They're in love, their souls are bonded together. They're just twenty-five or so years apart in age.

Please, please take note of ALL warnings. This fic is super twisted, super kinky and very hardcore in places. So if this doesn't seem like your thing, please think very carefully about reading any further.

TITLE: Soul Bond 1/2
GENRE: Slash
PAIRINGS: John/Sam, John/Jessica, Sam/Jessica, John/Sam/Jessica, John/Mary
WORDS: 10,700
WARNINGS: Extreme, extreme underage (Sam is 6 months-15 years/Jessica is a newborn), age difference (John is 25-40), breath-play, bondage, watersports & golden showers, flogging, male lactation, mpreg, childbirth, dub-con, anal, masturbation, blindfolds, BDSM,  father/ daughter incest
SUMMARY: Sometimes the best things come in the tiniest packages.

November 2nd, 1983
Lawrence, Kansas

The call from the SM registry comes just before dawn. Three simple words that John has been waiting a life time to hear.

'We've found him.'

"Where?" He's out of bed and scrambling into jeans, shirt, jacket and boots in an instant.

'Austin, Texas.'

"On my way."

'Wait! There's something-' but John has hung up. He grabs his keys and wallet and rushes downstairs.

Mary is seated in a rocking-chair in the corner of the living room, their four-year old son nursing contentedly at her breast. She's dozing but comes awake when he opens the front door. "John? What's happening?" Then she looks up and sees pure joy on his face, looks down at the bulging erection in his tight jeans and John can hear her heart breaking. "Oh." She tries to smile but there are tears filling her sad blue eyes. "I'll take Dean to my parents," she says softly, her voice breaking. "Have Dad draw up the paperwork for you to sign."

Despite all their problems these last few years, John knew she still held out hope that they may have been able to work things out. For him, they were only ever a one-night stand that went horribly wrong when she fell pregnant the one and only time they fucked. She was only fifteen and terribly shy but he wanted her so he picked her up after cheerleading practice . They drove in silence to the local make-out park, her panties (pink silk with tiny red bows) around her ankles, his hand between her spread thighs, one finger rubbing the inside of her blood-soaked cunt. He parked the Impala, pulled her into the backseat and fucked her hard and fast and deep. He came twice in five minutes, once before, once after her own pain-filled orgasm. He hadn't used a rubber, figuring her period was sufficient contraception. She was still crying and bleeding when he dropped her home ten minutes later. He took her again, this time up the ass and screaming another's name as he came inside her, before driving away without saying a word or looking back.

Her call six weeks later felt like a death sentence. "I'm pregnant."

Both his and her parents insisted they get married at once. He reluctantly agreed with one condition. It would be annulled the second Sam was located. A week later, they exchanged vows in the local courthouse and moved into a hastily built one bedroom flat over the Winchester garage. That night, John laid down the law. "I fucked you and liked it well enough, but I don't love you and I never will. You are not my soul mate and you never will be. I won't be kissing you or touching you ever again, but I will provide for you and our child as a decent husband should."

"I understand." She paused, eyes downcast. "Do you think... that maybe one day... you might...?"

"No," he replied. "You're not Sam. You will never be Sam."

She didn't have to ask who Sam was. She already knew. After all, it was tattood on John's chest right below his unique bondmark. It was a circular reddish-purple birthmark that looked like a sun surrounded by flames. Sam would have an identical mark somewhere on his body.

"But why do I have to wait when I already know his name? I want it done now. Please, Daddy?" John remembered begging his father a few days before his tenth birthday.

"Because it's part of the Bonding Ceremony, son," Henry had replied. "You'll both be inked just before you consummate your bond at the weekly SoulMates Ball. You've known this since you were very little."

The theory and practise of soulmate bonds and bondmarks were taught to each and every pre-schooler along with reading, writing and math. All bondmarks were photographed soon after birth and kept on record at the local SoulMate Registry. In the very rare event of soulmates being born in different parts of the country or even different parts of the world, all the Registry databases were linked for easy search and match. Lavish parties were thrown when two soul mates found each other, the beautiful consummation of their bond performed in public and televised for all to see and celebrate.

But John hadn't given up and within hours Henry had given in and acquired special permission from the Elder Men of Letters. It helped being a Legacy.

Dean lets out a satisfied burp, bringing John back to the present. He speaks in a firm voice without turning around. "No. Stay here til I get back. I want you to meet him."

"How long-"

He leaves, shutting the door behind him with a loud thud.

The drive to Austin is the longest, most frustrating day of his life. Thanks to a combination of bad weather, idiot drivers who shouldn't have been granted licenses and two flat tyres, what should have taken him under eleven hours takes more than double the time. He finally arrives at the SM registry just after noon on the following day. He's tired as hell, wants food and hot, strong coffee and needs to piss and shit so bad it physically hurts deep down in his gut.

He pulls up to the front door with a loud squeal of brakes and rushes inside. There's no-one behind the counter so he bangs his fist and yells, "Where is he? Where's Sam?" Two minutes later and John is about to start punching through walls and kicking in doors. He's striding towards one on his right, when it opens and a dark-haired older woman pokes her head out.

"Can I help you, sir?"

"Damn right you can. Got a call. Drove all day and night. Sam's been found. He's here. Wanna see him. Now!" He's pressed right up against her, shouting in her face. To her credit, she doesn't flinch from the onslaught, just remains calm as she guides him back towards the counter with a firm grip on his upper arm.

"Okay, but I need some information, so you need to calm down. Can you do that?" The threat to call security and have him restrained or removed is clear in her soft voice.

"Yeah, yeah. Sorry," he apologises as he takes a deep breath that feels like his first since he got the call. "Just been waiting so long, so many years. Had almost given up hope."

She smiles and that helps settle his nerves even more. "Almost but not quite, huh? I can sympathise. Didn't meet my soulmate til we were nearly twenty. Thought I would never be bonded, that I was one of the Unmarked, destined to live my life alone and mateless. But there was always that tiniest spark of hope, of knowing beyond doubt that he was out there somewhere."

John wipes away tears that have suddenly filled his eyes and says, "Thought I was the only one."

"We all do, son. There's even support groups for us late-term Bonders now. Would have come in very handy when I was growing up." She hands him a tissue. "Now, let's get you and your mate re-united, shall we? What's your name, date of birth and registry ID?"

It feels as if a heavy weight has been lifted from his heart and soul. "Winchester, John Henry. December 1, 1958. 9379163204"

She types the information into her computer then taps her fingers as she waits for the details to be retrieved. After perhaps the longest minute of John's life, she looks at the screen with a puzzled expression. Hits more keys and waits for another long minute. Picks up the scan-wand and gestures for John to lift his shirt, all without saying a word.

"What is it?" he asks as he bares his chest so she can scan his birthmark. He tries to keep the panic out of his voice but fails. 'What's wrong? Is he... is my... dead?" His legs suddenly feel like jello and he has to grab the edge of the counter to stay upright. "Oh God. Please, please, just tell me." It's not unheard of for one soulmate to die before ever meeting their partner. It happened to Mary when she was pregnant with Dean, was more than enough of a shock to induce labour four weeks early. But Dean was strong and a fighter (Mary called him her little troublemaker from the moment he started moving inside her womb) and after only spending a couple of days under observation in hospital, they took him home.

She plugs the wand into the cradle and it's yet another minute-long wait that feels like an eternity. "It's okay, John. He's alive. Sam is alive."

And then he does collapse out of sheer relief. "Thank God. Thank you. Thank God," he says over and over as he sobs without the slightest bit of shame. The woman helps him to his feet, steadying him with one hand as she drags a chair over for him to sit down on.

She kneels down in front of him. "Now, I need you to stay here, all right? I have to go and talk with my supervisor. There's some-"

"What's wrong? You said he's alive but is he okay? Is my Sammy okay?" He's clutching at her sleeve, not wanting to let her go, not wanting to let her out of his sight unless she never comes back and he never gets to see, to touch, to kiss his precious soulmate.

"From the information I have, Sam is perfectly fine and healthy. It's just that a situation has occurred that I haven't come across before and I need to get some guidance as to how to proceed. It should only take a few minutes and I will be back, John. I promise I will come back," she says as if she'd read his mind and knew his fear. "I'm sorry I can't say anything more right now. But I will do my best to get this situation resolved as quickly as I can." Then she's gently pulling her arm free from his tight grip, rising to her feet and heading towards the door behind the counter.

John doesn't know what to feel, what to think, what to do so he just sits there, hands clenched into tight fists, nails digging painfully into his palms. After three agonising minutes, he lights a cigarette, takes two long, slow drags then stubs it out when his stomach starts churning. He barely makes it to a trash can near the door before he's throwing up bile and last night's burger and fries. Wipes his mouth on his sleeve as he stumbles back to the chair.

It's another seven minutes before the woman returns with two black-suited men. "John, this is Mr Morgan, my supervisor and Mr Jenkins, head of our Legal Department."

"Don't care who they are. Just want to know what's going on," he demands as he stands up. Then it hits him. "Wait, you said Legal? Is Sam in some sort of trouble?" There's only one scenario that John can think of that would necessitate lawyers becoming involved. "Wait, is Sam a criminal? Is he in jail?" It's something he never even considered. What if Sam, his one and only soulmate is a thief or drug-dealer, rapist or murderer? What if he's on death row with only hours or days or weeks to live? Will they even let John see him? Even if it's only to say goodbye? Maybe a first and last kiss as Sam is taken away in shackles. Suddenly the last twenty-four hours seems like one long, unending nightmare.

Morgan steps forward, one hand held out in greeting. "It's nice to meet you, Mr Winchester. Let me assure you that the problem, while highly unusual, is no-where as serious as that. Come into my office and I'll fill you in. You've had a long drive and I can see you are anxious to have things settled so you can be on your way."

John reluctantly shakes the man's hand and lets himself be lead down the hall and into a large office or boardroom. It's normal enough with two walls lined with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a long polished table surrounded by a dozen or so high-back leather chairs in the middle. There's other people already seated, three men and two women and they all look up at him when he enters. He studies each one in turn but can tell nothing from their expressionless faces. As if he wasn't unnerved enough already. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a group of items in one corner, a folded play-pen and change table, baby seat and large blue duffel bag with an open box of diapers sitting on top.

Morgan gestures to an empty seat near one end, before seating himself at the head of the table. Jenkins sits opposite John, a couple of thick books open in front of him. Morgan says, "Amanda, could you get Mr Winchester a coffee and fetch Melissa."

"Of course, sir." She turns to John with a smile that lights up her green eyes and asks "How do you take it, John?"

"White with two, thanks." He smiles back at her, some of the fear melting away. Sam's alive and healthy and not a criminal. Things are starting to improve and John can finally let himself relax a little.

Jenkins speaks for the first time. "Mr Winchester, before Samuel gets here, there are some things which you need to be made aware of. He was found two weeks ago in-"

John interrupts as fear and uncertainty takes hold once more. "What do you mean 'two weeks ago'? You've known all this time, you've had Sam all this time and you didn't let me know? The law states you have to give notification within twenty-four hours."

"I know the law, Mr Winchester and I assure you we have followed it to the very letter. We were completely within our rights to delay notifying you."

John is getting angrier by the second. "Your rights? What about my rights and my soul mate's rights?. What could possibly give you people the right to keep confirmed bond mates separated this long? I'm going to sue each and every one of you bastards for every dollar you've got and make sure none of you ever work in this industry again."

Jenkins lifts a hand, an expensive-looking fountain pen held between two fingers. "If you will allow me to finish, I will explain why the law is on our side."

As much as John wants to get up and leave, he doesn't for only one reason. Sam. He drove half-way across the country to claim his soul mate and he's not going to leave the registry without him. Not trusting himself to say anything, he just nods.

"Thank you. Now, as I was saying, Samuel was found in the public restroom of a church not far from here. Because of the unusual circumstances, we were unable to follow normal procedures and contact you within the required lawful time period. I have the warrant here that allowed us to delay notification."

He passes over a piece of paper which John quickly skims. Even though it's all legal mumbo-jumbo, John understands enough that he tosses it onto the table in disgust. Legal, all perfectly legal, every t crossed and i dotted. It's all there in black and white that Sam is to be held in the custody of the Austin SoulMate's Registry until his legal guardians could be located and appraised. If they couldn't be found within two weeks or were found to be unsuitable, then it was by order of the court that Samuel Tristan Kennedy remain in state-care either until foster-parents could be assigned or he turns sixteen.

"Fine," he says, voice full of defeat, eyes filling with tears once more. "You can keep him in custody til he comes of age but you can't stop me from seeing him. Soulmates have full visitation and conjugal rights protected by the Constitution and if you try to deny me my rights I will take you all the way to the High Court and I will win. Now, who do I speak to about organising a Bonding Ceremony?"

There's shocked murmers coming from a couple of the other people but John ignores them. He just wants to see Sam, just wants to tell him how much he loves him and that he will be with him every hour, every day he can until he takes Sam home.

Morgan says, "There will be plenty of time for that, Mr Winchester. First there is a pile of paperwork to be signed and witnessed."

There's a soft knock on the door and Amanda enters with a tray full of cups in her hands. Behind her is another woman, younger by a couple of decades with short blonde hair. In her arms is a baby boy perhaps six months old. He has wispy tufts of light brown hair that hangs over his forehead and curls around his ears and the most beautiful eyes John has ever seen. They are hazel flecked with gold and green and big and slanted like an exotic cat.

He stumbles to his feet, knocking the chair over in his haste to get to Sam, to take him in his arms. The woman takes a step back, clutching Sam tightly to her chest. Sam begins to cry and John's heart misses a beat even as his cock twitches and both nipples tingle in response.

"It's all right, Melissa."

She relaxes a little but still eyes John with suspicion. "Oh, you found his father? That's great." She sounds less than convincing and John wonders what Sam's parents have done to earn such dislike, besides abandoning their infant son, that is.

"No, I'm afraid we haven't," Morgan continues. "This is John, Samuel's bondmate."

This time her expression is one of undisguised shock, tinted with horror. "His what? But he can't be. It's not possible. He's so old!!"

John can't stop the chuckle that escapes when he replies, "Hey, I'm only twenty-five, sweetheart. Not over the hill yet." He holds out both arms. "Now, if it's all right with you, I'd like to hold my soulmate, please." It kills him to have to ask permission to do something that is well within his rights, to know that he will have to continue asking for what's legally his for the next fifteen years. 'Maybe I won't have to wait,' he thinks. Being a Man of Letters, his father is well connected to the very people who can have Sam released into his custody within the hour and bonded to him within a week. But first things first. He has a soulmate to get to know and touch and kiss.

Melissa is still refusing to pass Sam over, so John does the only thing he can think of to force her to comply without resorting to physical violence. He undoes the top two buttons of his shirt and pulls down his undershirt, exposing the left side of his chest and his bondmark to the room. "This should convince you that Sam belongs with me, that he belongs to me."

She takes a hesitant step forward, looking closely at the birthmark and tattoo, even running one finger over them both as if to check that they are not fake. Even after all that, she still looks to Morgan for final confirmation. He nods and she finally allows John to take Sam from her arms.

Sam stops crying as soon as John cradles him against his chest. He looks up at him and John is certain that Sam knows who John is and what they are to each other. Sam kicks his legs and waves his arms, his tiny hands grabbing at John's shirt collar and nose and hair and mouth, anywhere he can reach.

John lifts Sam up and places his face against Sam's soft belly, kisses his way up Sam's small torso to his neck, nuzzles there for a few blissful moments. He kisses his jaw and cheek and forehead before finally pressing his lips lightly against Sam's tiny mouth. "Hello, Sammy. Hello, my sweet, sweet, love. Finally we meet. Finally we are together as one, forever and eternal." He's weeping now and his tears are falling onto Sam's round cheeks and he licks them up with slow sweeps of his tongue.

He barely hears Morgan telling everyone to leave the room, to give them some privacy. He lays Sam on the table and quickly undresses him. Marvels at how perfect Sam is as he traces the outline of his tiny birthmake with his fingers then his lips and finally his tongue. Sam smells and feels so good and tastes even better, all soft and warm and delicious, with a hint of musk and lavender. He runs his hand down the full length of his soulmate's body from the top of his head to the tips of his cute little toes once, twice, three times. Finally allows himself to slide one hand between Sam's legs and almost comes right then when he touches Sam's genitals for the very first time. Wraps his long fingers loosely around Sam's limp penis and squeezes ever so gently. Feels it firm in his grasp and has to sit down before he falls down.

"Oh, baby. Oh my sweet baby boy," he whispers as he strokes and caresses. "Love you so much, Sammy, so very much." He leans over and presses his mouth to the tip of Sam's cock. Sam coos in delight and kicks his legs. Parts his lips just enough to take the tiny head in, not surprised when he finds he can lick all the way down to Sam's balls without any effort at all. As he swallows him, Sam grabs his hand and lifts it to his mouth. He suckles on John's fingers as John applies the least amount of pressure he can manage.

He both needs and wants to do so much more but he will not do anything that could hurt his soulmate or cause him even the slightest bit of discomfort, at least until he's old enough to consent to it. John hopes that will happen while Sam is still a young child, still young and impressionable enough to grow up thinking that bondage and pain-play, plugs and whips and piercings are all perfectly normal. There are years and decades in front of them, plenty of time to do everything he's ever dreamed of to Sam and with Sam. He vows there and then to take his time and saviour each and every time he makes love to Sam or has sex with Sam or fucks Sam with something tied too tight around his throat til he's unconscious and limp in his arms, not stopping until Sam has completely stopped breathing. They are all different ways of sharing their love and deepening their soulbond and John intends to introduce Sam to every single kink and fetish he has ever fantasised about and many more he knows he hasn't even discovered yet.

A trickle of warm, salty urine coats John's tongue and he swills it around before swallowing and releasing Sam from his mouth. Licks him clean and kisses him all over his groin and the tender inside of his thighs and calves and the bottom of his feet. John's own cock is thick and full and pushing painfully against his jeans, so he undresses quickly and takes himself in hand. Jerks himself off with half a dozen quick strokes and comes over Sam's squirming body. Long creamy ropes of semen splatter over Sam's belly and chest and face and John massages it all in with firm circular motions of his hands and fingers. Turns Sam over and strokes himself hard again so he can cover Sam's back and bottom with more jizz. Rubs it in as he rests over Sam, careful not to put too much weight on him. He holds Sam's legs closed so that his cock is trapped between them and soon he's coming for a third time after thrusting his hips back and forth for a few mind-blowing minutes.

Finally satiated, for now at least, he falls backwards into the chair, cradling Sam close to his chest. Sam soon falls asleep but John continues to fondle and caress him, exploring more and discovering all his soulmate's hidden delights. He kisses him again, this time slipping his tongue between Sam's lips and deep into his mouth. Traces the bony knobs of his spine all the way to his bottom and pushes his buttocks apart with his thumb. Sam's anus is so tiny John has trouble finding it at first. He runs the tip of his pinky finger around the edge, dreaming of the day when he penetrates the tight ring of muscle with something, anything for the very first time. Will it be his thumb or finger or tongue or maybe something else entirely, something foreign and unnatural, a bit of food or cloth, a cotton bud perhaps coated with baby oil to ease its passage into Sam's body. He's pretty sure they don't make plugs or vibrators or beads small enough, but he knows people who could and certainly would do a custom-made order as a favour for him.

Part 2/2

Tags: character: dean winchester, character: john winchester, character: sam winchester, kink-meme fill, kink: extreme underage, kink: mpreg, pairing john/mary, pairing: john/jessica, pairing: john/sam, pairing: john/sam/jessica, pairing: sam/jessica
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