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Soul Bond -- John/Sam (Extreme underage) 2/2

TITLE: Soul Bond 2/2
GENRE: Slash, Kink
PAIRINGS: John/Sam, John/Jessica, Sam/Jessica, John/Sam/Jessica, John/Mary
WORDS: 11,400
WARNINGS: Extreme, extreme underage (Sam is 6 months-15 years/Jessica is a newborn), age difference (John is 25-40), breath-play, bondage, watersports & golden showers, flogging, male lactation, mpreg, childbirth, dub-con, anal, masturbation, blindfolds, BDSM,  father/ daughter incest
SUMMARY: Sometimes the best things come in the tiniest packages.

Part 1

TITLE: Soul Bond 2/2
GENRE: Slash, Kink
PAIRINGS: John/Sam, John/Jessica, Sam/Jessica, John/Sam/Jessica, John/Mary
WORDS: 10,700
WARNINGS: Extreme, extreme underage (Sam is 6 months-15 years/Jessica is a newborn), age difference (John is 25-40), breath-play, bondage, watersports & golden showers, flogging, male lactation, mpreg, childbirth, dub-con, anal, masturbation, blindfolds, BDSM,  father/ daughter incest
SUMMARY: Sometimes the best things come in the tiniest packages.

He has no idea of how much time has passed when there's another knock on the door and John knows his private time with Sam is over. He dresses quickly, holding Sam in one arm the whole time as if he can't bare not to be touching him. He gives Sam's genitals one final loving caress and his mouth one final passionate kiss before doing up his powder-blue sleepsuit.

"Come in." Morgan and Jenkins enter with Melissa close behind. He can see wet spots over both of her full breasts and concludes that she is Sam's wetnurse. Sam must scent that food is close by as he wakes up and begins fussing, his hands gripping John's shirt in search of nourishment.

John reluctantly hands Sam over, watching with growing jealousy as Melissa sheds her top and positions Sam's mouth over her leaking right breast. He latches on straight away and begins suckling. It looks painful if her wince is anything to go by. "He's teething," she explains.

He rubs soft circles into Sam's back and turns to Morgan, impatient to get the legalities sorted out. "I'm taking Sam home with me today."

"I'm afraid that's not possible, son. The state has custody."

"I need to make a phone call, then. My father, Henry Winchester, will be able to get the necessary paperwork filed that will nullify your court order and grant me full and legal custody of my soulmate. Either let me ring him or I will go over your head and contact Justice Black myself. I assure you my father will be far more discreet than me."

Morgan gives in without a fight and John doesn't bother to hide his smile of victory. As if in celebration, his nipples start leaking in earnest and Melissa gives Sam back to John, showing him how to hold him so that Sam can attach. It's nowhere near enough milk for a proper feed and won't be for at least a week but John is still overwhelmed to be breastfeeding his own soulmate. He suddenly wonders how this day can get any more perfect.

Two hours later and John and Sam are in the Impala headed back to Lawrence. Melissa had offered to come with them but John declined. "It's okay. My wife will nurse Sam until my own supply improves." He doesn't rush the return trip and takes frequent stops to feed Sam from bottles that Melissa prepared. Just over the Oklahoma border he pulls over into a truckstop for his first proper meal in days. Gets lots of approving looks and fussing over by the waitresses and a long lust-filled appraisal from an older man eating alone in the next booth. When John holds Sam against his chest and feeds him, the man jerks himself off and licks his fingers clean, never taking his eyes off John.

John goes into the washroom to change Sam's diaper and pee. He lays Sam on his back in the urinal and releases his flow over him, squirting a bit into Sam's mouth and is rewarded when Sam smiles at him and giggles. He jerks off, this time directing all of his come onto Sam's face and into his mouth. He squeezes the head of his cock til Sam has swallowed before giving him more. "You are such a fast learner, Sammy. Wish I could just feed you my come and piss and nothing else." He rinses him off, finishes dressing and then they are back on the road for the final leg home.

Dean greets them at the door in his usual manner, a long run-up and then he's flying into John's arms. "Daddy! You're home! Missed you!"

"Yeah, I missed you too, kiddo." He has Sam in a sling on his chest and his hands are full of all the things a baby needs. He drops them all next to the door and heads for the couch. He hears Mary in the kitchen, preparing dinner but doesn't call out to her. He has Sam now and he neither needs or wants anyone else.

Dean climbs up beside him and peers closely at Sam. "Is this him? Is this Sammy?"

"Yes, Dean. This is Sam."

"Have you fucked him yet?" Dean asks as if it's the most natural thing in the world. He's only known about soulmates for a few weeks but he is fascinated by the subject and constantly pestering both John and Mary for very detail. Mary was very hesitant to answer any of his questions but John over-rode her objections saying it was their duty to teach him everything they knew. John actively encouraged Dean's curiosity and no topic, however personal or intimate was off-limits.

John lifts Dean onto his lap and releases the buckles on the sling, freeing Sam. "No," he says. "Not yet, I haven't."

"Why not? He's your soulmate, isn't he? You're supposed to do it lots and lots you said. Every day and night."

He takes off Sam's jumpsuit and opens his own shirt so that Sam is skin-to-skin against his bare chest and that is just the best feeling ever. "Yes, he is my soulmate. You see our birthmarks match?" Dean reaches up and touches Sam's breast then does the same to John. "That confirms that we are meant for each other, two parts of one whole, bonded forever and eternal."

"Then why haven't you fucked him yet?"

"Because he is still only a baby. He's too small for me to make love to him. If I were to do it, it would hurt him a lot and I never want to cause him pain."

Dean plays with Sam's legs, pushing them up so they bend at the knee, pulling them down, then up again and out so they are spread apart. He runs his fingers over Sam's genitals, lifting up his cock so that he can touch his ballsac. John expects to feel jealous at someone else touching Sam down there but he doesn't. It's a bit of a turn on, actually and a new fantasy takes hold. "He's so tiny, like one of Mommy's dolls. Can I see it, daddy? Where you're going to put your peenie when he's bigger."

"Sure you can." He turns Sam over so he is face-down on his lap and takes Dean's hand. "Hold out your finger." He parts Sam's cheeks with his own fingers, using his other hand to guide Dean. "Can you feel his hole? It's very tiny, almost like a dimple."

"Yeah, I can. I can feel it, daddy!"

"Good. Okay now press down very carefully, very gently and tell me what you feel."

"It feels strange, wrinkly and it's opening just a little and I can see it too. Looks weird, all pink and puckered."

"Well, in just a few months time, I'll be able to put my whole cock inside there and make love to him. But I'll begin preparing him in the next few weeks, getting him used to me touching him there so that I can safely put something short and thin into his anus. He won't feel hardly anything at first but I'll gradually put longer and thicker things inside him, stretching his hole a little bit at a time. I'll have to use lots of lubricant, make him nice and slippery so the objects won't hurt him."

"That sounds awesome, daddy. I'll do the same to my mate, won't I?"

"Well, hopefully, your soulmate will be the same age as you, so you should be able to have sex straight away, with only a little bit of prep. Anyway, it's past your bed time and Sam and I have had a very long day. So, off to bed."

John gets Dean settled and then heads into the kitchen to introduce Mary to Sam. "Here he is, Mary. After so long, after so many years of waiting and wondering, he's finally here. We're finally together and I'm finally complete."

She looks at him then down at Sam, dried tear tracks still visible on her cheeks. "Oh, John. He's beautiful." She sweeps her hand lightly over the top of Sam's head and John is about to burst with pride and love.

"He's mine, Mary. He's all mine and I love him so much it hurts." He's overcome with emotion and before he realises it, he's pulled Mary to him and is hugging her and kissing her and kissing Sam. "Will you stay, Mary? I want Dean and Sam to grow up together, to show Dean what a true and proper soulbond should be like. And Sam needs someone to nurse from until my milk is regular enough to sustain him. Melissa said it shouldn't be more than a week before I can do all his feeds. And I'd like Sam to have a mother, he's too young to grow up without a mother. Will you be his mother, Mary?"

And while he's babbling at a million miles a minute, he almost misses her saying that yes she'll stay, yes she'll feed Sam her milk until John can take over, yes she'll be Sam's mother. She'll do anything John wants or needs, be anything he wants or needs.

He kisses her forehead for the last time and whispers, "Thank you." He goes upstairs, makes a quick stop in the bathroom to grab a pack of cotton buds and the small bottle of baby oil, then heads to his room. There he undresses and slides into bed with his soulmate for the very first time. Dean's old crib is tucked away in the attic and that's where it's going to stay. Sam will be sleeping with him, so that John can hold him and touch him and kiss him as much as he wants. It will also make prepping Sam for anal sex that much easier when John begins fingering him and inserting things into his rectum. He can check Sam frequently to make sure he's stretching out properly and not tearing or bleeding.

He kisses him passionately, thrusting his tongue in and out of Sam's mouth, already making plans to masturbate over him as soon as he wakes in the morning, to make it their regular routine, at least until Sam is ready to be properly penetrated and fucked. Holding Sam's genitals in one hand, he drifts off to sleep.

June 29th, 1998
Lawrence, Kansas

Sam comes home from school, takes one look at John's wide grin and then at the letter in his hand and bursts into tears. John gathers him into his arms and holds him as he cries. Cradles his soulmate to his chest and carries him upstairs to their room. Lies him on their bed and strips him naked before quickly undressing himself. He rolls Sam onto his side, bends his top leg at the knee and slides in behind him. Sam is still slippery-wet from their morning fuck and so he lines his cock up to Sam's hole and pushes in with no prep or foreplay. Sam winces in pain at John's rough handling but doesn't make a sound as John fucks him deep and fast and hard. John scratches Sam's back and bites at his throat, drawing fresh blood and opening old wounds as he comes inside him. Afterwards, he pushes Sam onto his stomach, lays over him and fucks him again, this time slow and gentle. In this position, neither of them will come for hours but that's okay. John's got nowhere else to be and there's no-one else on the entire planet he'd rather be fucking than his beautiful fifteen year-old soulmate.

"Is it true, John? Am I....?"

"Yes, baby. It's true. You're pregnant again, Sam." Sam had his first period just after he turned eleven and was pregnant within the month. They hadn't used any fertility drugs or spells or anything. It turned out that getting Sam pregnant was easy as pie. It was keeping him pregnant that was proving to be rather more difficult. Ten miscarriages in four years but John refused to give up. He consulted every herbalist, witch, shaman, hoodoo and voodoo doctor and medical expert he could find and received the same response from each and every one of them. 'Being so young and small for his age, the chances of Sam successfully carrying a baby to term is next to zero.'

"Got a good feeling about this one, sweetheart. I really think number eleven is going to be our magic number."

Sam doesn't say anything for a long time. Just lies there beneath his lover, crying softly as John makes love to him. John's pretty sure he is in shock. Wishes he could see his face just to make sure. Sammy, all pale and trembling and on the verge of breaking is such an amazing turn-on. It's as if he regresses back to being a small child, needing to be constantly held and kissed and fucked, letting John do whatever he wants without a single compliant. Not that he ever resists John anyway but being in shock makes him that more clingy and submissive and beautiful.

"How far along am I?"

"Almost eight weeks. I'm guessing it was the night we got home from my parents, the night I bound you in leather and strung you up with chains and flogged you. You kept begging for more and more, right up until the moment you lost consciousness." He runs his fingers over Sam's back, the long, thin scars from that wonderful night faded but still visible on his lover's skin. He decides then that he's going to whip Sam tonight. He wants to open these old wounds, see them split and bleed all over again and he wants to make new ones, leave new cuts and slashes on Sam's back and shoulders and ass and thighs. He won't tell Sam, though. Wants it to be a surprise, a celebration of the new life they have created.

"You were still unconscious when I laid you on the floor that was splattered with your blood and made the most glorious, slow, delicious love to you I've ever made. You woke briefly from time to time but never for very long."

"I remember," Sam says. "I remember the pain and the darkness and the noise of the whip whistling through the air and the sound of it striking my body and the glorious feel of it slicing into my flesh. But most of all I remember you holding me afterwards, bathing and stitching my wounds and nursing me and you were crying, upset that you had gotten carried away and hurt me more than I wanted to be hurt. But you didn't, John. You were wonderful as you whipped me and I loved you for it then and I love you even more now for getting me pregnant. I'll gladly be hurt like that, be beaten and fucked like that every day and night of my life if it means I can give you children."

Just when he's sure he can't love Sam any more than he already does, Sam raises the bar to a whole new level. Sam is willing, eager even, to sacrifice his own well-being, his own life to make John happy.

John rocks into him with slow, steady thrusts of his hips. He sits up, pulling Sam with him so he's kneeling in John's lap, fully impaled on John's cock. There's a large mirror at the end of the bed and they watch in silence as he fucks Sam for a good ten minutes. Strips of fabric lie within easy reach and John picks up a few, covering Sam's eyes with enough layers to blind him. He trails another strip over Sam's shoulder, down his chest, around his waist and up his back. Whispers in Sam's ear, "I'm going to tie this around your throat, Sam. I'm going to choke you and I'm not going to stop even when you come, even when you pass out. I'm not going to stop until you stop breathing."

"But the baby? Won't it...?" There's only the slightest hint of fear in Sam's voice and that makes John so proud of him. Sam trusts him not only with his own life, but with their unborn child's life as well. John has never been so aroused in his life.

"No, sweetheart. Our baby will be perfectly fine. I checked with your ob-gyn and she said as I long as I release the restriction within thirty seconds, there will be absolutely no risk. In fact she suggested I do this. Thinks the endorphins and adrenaline your body releases when we play will make the baby stronger, give it a better chance of survival. She's given me the go-ahead to continue playing with you, to continue hurting you in anyway I choose." He twists Sam's head to the side so that he can kiss him, holds it there as he ravishes Sam's mouth with his lips and tongue and teeth. It's uncomfortable in this position, a little painful even, but Sam doesn't resist. He returns John's kisses, soft and hesitant and almost shyly before John takes control once more. Sam's lips are swollen and bleeding by the time John's finished with him.

"You ready, love?"

Sam chokes out a sound that is more a sob than a laugh. "Yeah, guess so." He lets his head fall back, resting it on John's shoulder. John kisses his cheek then the corner of his mouth.

"Remember I love you, baby boy."

"I know. Love you too, sir," Sam replies, giving his code word for John to begin whenever he's ready.

"Raise your hands." Sam obeys, crossing his wrists so that John can bind them. He wraps the fabric around them, slips a finger too easily underneath and pulls it tighter, then tighter still. He has a few minutes before circulation is slowed then cut off. He's done this so many times before it's become routine. He introduced light bondage before Sam could even walk and he still swaddles him like a newborn every now and then, usually on the weekends when he can keep Sam in complete confinement and sensory isolation for hours or even days at a time.

"Okay, take a deep breath and hold it." He begins winding the fabric around Sam's neck, not too tight to start with. "Now release it, nice and slowly." As Sam exhales, the fabric tightens a little and he goes still. John didn't warn him what would happen and he's glad he didn't. Sam's reaction is more than he could have hoped for. "That's good, baby. Let it all out and relax." He kisses him again, strokes one finger from hip to hip, feels Sam's belly muscles flutter and twitch at his touch. It's one of Sam's many ticklish zones.

"Okay, another breath and hold it in again." He watches as Sam's chest expands, watches him hold the breath in until he starts to tremble with the effort. He slowly winds another layer around his throat, tighter than the first. "And release." Sam's exhale is slower this time. He knows what to expect and is trying to delay it. "Come on, baby. Breathe all the way out. It's okay. I'm here. You're safe. All you have to do is trust me and do what I say."

They repeat the inhale-wrap-exhale five more times and when Sam breathes out the last time, the fabric is cutting into the soft flesh of his throat and he is having obvious trouble drawing air into his lungs. "Good boy, Sam," John praises him, rewarding him with more kisses and caresses. "We're almost there, love. Not long now. You'll be unconscious soon."

"John?" Sam gasps, lifting his bound hands, searching blindly for John's. John takes them, raises them to his lips and kisses each of Sam's fingers.

"I'm here, baby. I'm right here. Talk to me, Sam. Tell me what it feels like, what you feel like."

"Little..." gasp "scared..." gasp "light.... headed." gasp "dizzy...feel...like... gonna...fall 'sleep."

He takes Sam's cock in his hand, stroking it firmly and bringing Sam to a full erection within a minute. Keeps stroking til he comes, moaning John's name. Keeps on stroking until Sam does in fact pass out from lack of oxygen. He releases Sam's hands and they fall limp into his lap. Circles his hands around Sam's throat over the thick layers of fabric and squeezes as hard as he can. Counts to twenty five and lets go. Sam's pulse is slow and thready and almost perfect. Once more should do it, John thinks. He squeezes again, this time pressing his fingers into Sam's carotid artery, keeps pressing until he can no longer feel a pulse. Counts to thirty this time and his fingers are stiff and numb when he lets go for the final time. He silenty counts off the seconds til Sam starts breathing again, stopping at thirty-seven with a sigh of relief.

Sam gasps and chokes, his anal muscles constricting tightly around John's cock as he wakes up. John comes at once, spurting jet after jet off warm, thick semen into Sam's rectum. "Welcome back, Sammy."

February 14th, 1999
Lawrence, Kansas

There are plenty of grins of approval when John brings Sam into the maternity ward. Even though it's late winter and cold outside, Sam is dressed in a thigh skimming black robe made of gauzy fabric that leaves nothing to the imagination. Black leggings that are cut low front and back give John easy and constant access to his soulmate's crotch and ass. His gentials are wrapped tight with fine gold mesh, keeping his cock fully erect and his balls separated. A thin gold chain runs from the base of Sam's scrotum along his perineum to a small anal plug which fits snugly into the hollow tube-dildo John carefully inserted into his rectum for the first time a month ago.

Two and half-feet long and custom made to fit Sam perfectly, it reaches uncomfortably deep into Sam's bowel while keeping his hole a little stretched open when John isn't fucking him. John removes it so that Sam can relieve himself but mostly so he can coat it with astringent oils that constrict and irritate Sam's anal muscles, leaving Sam with an intense burning sensation that can last minutes or even hours depending on how thick John applies it. Sam still cries more often than not during the distressing hour-long procedure that begins when John straps him into the large X-frame and tilts it backwards so that Sam is held at a forty-five degree angle with his head towards the floor. He panicked so badly the first time that John had no choice but to inject a mild paralytic and sedative into the base of Sam's spine. Although it immobilized his lower body and made him very groggy, he was still fully aware of what John was doing to him.

John never does it at same time of the day or night so Sam never knows when it's going to happen. It could be five minutes after they wake up, in the middle of the day or night or an hour before they go to bed. Just before three this morning, John roused Sam out of a deep, dreamless sleep. "C'mon baby boy, time to clean you out." After re-tying his blindfold that had come loose during the night, John led him downstairs and over to the frame.  John didn't position Sam himself, instead using verbal commands and watching in delight as Sam obeyed. "Arms up, love. Hands through the loops. Open your legs nice and wide for me. Put your feet through the loops too. That's it. Good boy." Barely awake, Sam had submitted in complete silence for the first time and it had brought tears to John's eyes. "Oh, baby. I'm so proud of you, so very proud. Love you so much, sweetheart."

The only thing that John makes sure is consistent is the time it takes to remove the dildo from Sam's body (fifteen minutes) and to re-insert it (thirty minutes). Sets a timer to ring at five minute intervals, though that's more for Sam's benefit than his own. He could do it a lot quicker but he doesn't. Likes to take his time and savour every one of Sam's distressed filled moans and gasps. Likes to give Sam time to adjust to being penetrated in such an invasive manner. The dildo is a lot thinner than John's cock, barely the width of two of John's fingers so it's how far John is able to insert it into Sam's body, much, much, further than anything should be inserted, that is particularly traumatic for Sam. Sam gets no pleasure from this, just the chance to show John how much he loves him and trusts him by submitting to something that he obviously doesn't like or want.

John spends the other fifteen minutes in a variety of ways. He'll fuck Sam or jerk him off. Once or twice he's flogged him til he bled then given him a soothing full body massage with fragrant oils and perfumed lotions, tending his wounds and holding him close as Sam calms down. As much as he loves hurting Sam, even more so because he knows Sam wants to be hurt, he loves caring for him even more.

An hour later and he carried a sobbing, shaking Sam back to their bedroom. The tube was inflated with almost three quarts of warm saline and John could clearly see it under the taut skin of Sam's lower belly. He laid him on the bed on his back and ran his hand over the long, thin bulge, pressing down firmly until Sam writhed and moaned. Took Sam's bound hands and ran his fingers along the length of the tube. "Feel that, baby. It's in you, so deep inside your tummy, it's almost a part of you now. I want to keep putting it in you after the baby is born. Can I do that, Sam? Will you let me push it up inside you and fill it up and leave it in you for days at a time whenever I want to?" He doesn't often ask for Sam's permission but for this particular kink he wants Sam to consent willingly. He wants Sam to not only agree to being treated in such a wonderfuuly perverted way that it's almost abuse but to ask for it.

"Yeah, yeah. Okay. What ever you want." And he sounded so exhausted and defeated and broken that John considered for the first time in years that he may have finally crossed a line he once swore he would never cross, pushed his young soulmate too hard and too far beyond his limits. "You can do whatever you want to me, John. I won't ever say no."

Sam's consent was just what John had been needing to hear. He felt almost painfully aroused and energized at the absolute trust Sam was giving him. With Sam's blessing, he could do anything he wanted to him and that's just what he planned on doing. "Thank you, my love," he said as he started preparing Sam. "Be brave, baby boy and remember I'm here and I'll always take care of you afterwards." He inserted a very thin catheter into Sam's penis as he spoke, feeding the narrow tube up into his urethra, not stopping til it was lodged well inside his over-full bladder. He clamped the end and pressed down firmly on Sam's lower belly, palpating him til Sam cried out, to make sure it was sealed tight. Not a drop escaped and John gave Sam a long kiss as reward. "Want you to drink another couple of litres, baby. Need you to make lots of urine for your shower."

Because Sam was cramping almost constantly, it took nearly four hours for him to finish the two large bottles of cold water. He vomited a few times and John held him close, rubbing his back and wiping his face with a damp cloth as he patiently waited for Sam to recover enough to drink more. His bladder was so hard and swollen, it looked like Sam was pregnant with another smaller child.

Sam's waters broke just minutes after he emptied the second bottle. John guided him into the bathroom and helped Sam into the specially designed sling that supported him at the shoulder and hip and thighs. With Sam on his hands and knees, John raised him upright into a wide squatting position over the low toilet. He reached between Sam's legs and slowly worked the thick plug free. "Not yet, baby. I'm going to put a hose into your anus and I need you hold it in for me, okay?"

He felt Sam tense, muscles straining to hold in what gravity wanted to push free. "Sure, just hurry, John. Can't hold it much longer. Plus the baby is kicking like hell too." He placed his hand against Sam's belly, didn't even have to press down to feel the baby's feet striking his palm through Sam's womb.

"I know, baby. You're doing so good. Okay, here we go." He inserted the brass nozzle into Sam's hole, pushing firmly until there was a couple of inches of thick tubing for Sam to grip on to. "How's that feel? Let me know when the nozzle is in far enough."

"Feels good, feels really good. Want it as deep as it can go." Two inches, three then four and John was beginning to think he should have made a longer hose. "Okay, okay! Stop! Oh god. Can't.. no more." Just because he can, John slowly forces another inch up Sam's rectum, three fingers buried to the second knuckle and pressing against his prostate for good measure. "Oh god, no more, please, John. Don't. Gonna throw up."

Sam retched violently which told John he was truly at his limits. "Good boy. Nearly a foot of hose inside your rectum. Not bad for your first time. But I know you'll be able to take a lot more next time, probably another six inches, a foot maybe. Gonna increase the diameter too. How's that sound?"

He didn't expect Sam to have the energy to answer. "Sounds great, John. Lookin' forward to it," he said, even though the distressed tone of his soft voice says the exact opposite. "Just wanna make you proud."

John started crying then. "Oh, baby. You already do every single day, have done since the second I laid eyes on you when you were only six months old. But I  don't think I could be any prouder of you than right now."

Sam was shivering and cramping non-stop and John knew he was going into shock, if he wasn't there already. He hosed him down with the enema liquid which was reddish-brown in color and lumpy with small amounts of fecal matter. 'Should have filtered it,' he thought. 'will do next time,' deciding then to do this a lot more frequently. A few minutes later, John released his own warm flow over his soulmate. It was honey-coloured and beautifully warm as he drizzled it over his fingers and on to Sam's upturned face.

Finally, he connected a length of hose to the catheter in Sam's penis then gently squeezed the trigger, bathing Sam in a slow but steady stream of his own urine. Held the end over his head so he could soak his hair.  "Head forward." Sprayed it over Sam's neck and shoulders and down his back and along his arms. "Head back." Drizzled it over Sam's face and into his mouth. Sam swallowed hesitantly before parting his lips for more. Sam drank til John took the hose away, directing the flow over Sam's chest and baby bulge and groin.

By the time the stream of luke warm piss became a trickle and then eventually stopped, Sam was dripping wet and begging John to come.  "Yes, Sammy. Come for me! Come for me now." He ripped out both the cathether and rectal hose in two swift but brutal motions. Sam screamed louder than he had ever done before, came more violently than he had ever done before, his entire body jerking and writhing in his sling as he had multiple orgasms within seconds of each other and promptly passed out from pain and shock and exhaustion. John had held his bound hands the whole time, doing his best to comfort Sam but knowing he could do nothing to ease his suffering. He lowered his unconscious lover to the floor and rolled him onto his side. He wished he could have laid full-length on Sam's back as he fucked him but there was the baby to consider. Amazingly, Sam came twice more during the love-making that lasted more than an hour. He didn't awake even when John carried him back to their bed, stretched his arms over his head so he could secure his hands once more to the rail before tying his feet to the posts at the bottom. 

"His hands stay bound, the blindfold and collar stay on and I only want him to have minimal painkillers. None at all would be preferable." No one questions his instructions. With Sam having had so many miscarriages, they are frequent visitors to the hospital and well-known to all the staff. Everyone knows that, on the advice of their own ob-gyn Sandy, John has been keeping Sam in an almost constant state of arousal and discomfort and somtimes pain for the last twelve weeks. Twenty hours a day, six days a week of extreme BDSM is taking it's toll on his young soulmate body and spirit, but they both know and agree it's for the best. Sam's suffering will guarantee that John's second-born child will be delivered healthy and strong.

Sam is two weeks past his due date and he can barely stand let alone walk. The fact that his ankles are closely tethered together doesn't help either. John is by his side, one arm around his shoulders, the other around his waist, one hand resting on his bulging belly. A strong, painful contraction comes as John is speaking and he squeezes Sam's hand in support. "It's okay, baby. I've got you. Just breathe through it like you do when I whip you. That's it."

Sam breathes in short sharp puffs that John can tell do little to ease the pain. "Hurts, John. Hurts really bad."

"I know, love. But that's a good thing. It means our baby is ready to be born."

Their ob-gyn meets them at the door to the birthing suite. "Hey there, kiddo. How you doing?"

"Hello, Mistress," Sam replies through clenched teeth as he rides out another contraction before almost collapsing in John's arms.

She swats him hard on his bare backside then caresses his buttocks. "What did I tell you? Call me Sandy. None of that Mistress crap, ya hear?"

"Not too good, Sandy. Feels like I'm gonna explode, throw up and pass out all at the same time."

"Yes, well, welcome to the wonderful experience that is labor and childbirth. It wouldn't have been this bad, but John wanted to keep you pregnant for as long as possible."

John beams with pride, wrapping his arms tighter around Sam. "Can you blame me? He's fucking beautiful like this. So huge and round and helpless. He can't bathe himself or pee or even jerk off without my help. It's even more wonderful than I had imagined it would be. Don't suppose we could delay things for a few more days, a week even?"

Sandy gives him a hard stare of disapproval before breaking into a smile. "No, I don't think so. His water has broken, John. This baby wants to come out. I'm sure we can experiment with future pregnancies now that we know Sam can carry a child to term."

John guides Sam over to the bed and has to lift him up onto the mattress. He positions Sam on his side and raises his bound hands over his over head so that he can tie them to the rail at the top of the bed. Secures Sam's ankles to the bottom rail and then slides in behind him. He pulls down Sam's jeans and enters him in one smooth thrust, wrapping his arms around Sam's waist to pull him closer and hold him tighter as he fucks him. It's been years since Sam's rectum has felt this tight and dry and hot.

He stays buried balls-deep inside Sam long after they both come and Sam has passed out from exhaustion.

He's still there hours later when Sam starts moaning then screaming in pain and writhing in agony as the baby finally begins to force its way down the narrow birth canal. Starts slowly fucking Sam again as the head crowns and the shoulders force Sam's cunt wide open. He begins to tear and bleed and that only turns John on even more, makes him move his hips faster and faster, shoving his cock harder and harder and deeper into Sam's body. Sam is soon bleeding from the rear as well as John comes yet again. He gathers both lots of blood on his fingers and lifts them to Sam's mouth, smears his lips til they turn pink then red.

With Sandy guiding him, John puts his hands between Sam's spread legs, inserts his fingers between Sam's torn labia and eases the baby free. Sam collapses back against him, barely conscious. John turns them so that he is sitting up and Sam is in his lap, impaled on his soft cock. He places their newborn child on Sam's chest and she begins suckling straight away.

"This is our baby, Sammy. Our baby girl and she's beautiful. Just beautiful."

"And she's perfect?" Sam asks, though it's barely a whisper.

"Yes, baby. She couldn't be more perfect." John is running his hands over her head and back, feeling her soft skin beneath his fingertips. She's still covered in bloody afterbirth, all pink and slippery. He slips his hand between her legs not just to confirm her sex but to feel it, to stroke his daughter's soft folds, to caress her wet, warm slit. He rubs one finger along the length of her, pressing lightly til she opens to him, lets him push the very tip of his finger into her tiny, vulnerable body. Keeps pushing til the first knuckle is buried inside her. Her body closes around his finger, muscles contracting and holding him tight. She wants this. She is always going to want him or Sam or both of them inside her. She flexes her legs, her tiny feet kicking against Sam's distended belly.

He wishes he could have been this intimate with his newborn soulmate, mourns those lost six months that he wasn't able touch Sam like this, wasn't able to make love to Sam like this. And that's when he knows beyond doubt that their baby is more than just their first-born child. She's their soulmate. He wonders if Sam can feel their bond as well, if Sam is aware of the blessed miracle that is nursing at his breast. "What shall we call her?"

"Jessica. Her name is Jessica," he mumbles before falling asleep.

"That's a gorgeous name, sweetheart. Hi, Jessie. Hi, baby girl." He gently eases her away from Sam's nipple, turning her over. And there it is, in the exact same place on her chest as his and Sam's bondmarks. And it's identical to theirs, a tiny reddish-purple sun surrounded by flames. He traces over it with trembling fingers and quivering lips, just like he did the first day he touched Sam all those years ago.

Sam wakes again and he pulls a little against his restraints before John settles him with a long passionate kiss, stroking his cock and cradling his balls. "Easy, baby. I'm here. We're both here."


"Yeah, baby?" He's shifted Jessica to his own chest, is feeding her his own milk. Feels himself get hard again and Sam's rectal muscles twitch and squeeze his cock in response, in readiness to be fucked all over again.

"Can I see her?"

"Not yet." He's feeling very possessive and selfish at the moment. Wants her all to himself for as long as possible. "In a day or two, perhaps."

"Okay." And there's so much sadness and resignation in that one word, that John almost gives in but doesn't. His word is final and Sam learnt at a very young age not to question any of his instructions or commands. John has come up with some very creative punishments over the years and Sam doesn't like any of them. "Will you let me hold her?"

"Of course but the wrist and ankle bindings are staying on til I decide to take them off." He unties Sam's hands from the rail, gently lowers his arms and rubs them as normal feeling returns. "That feel better, love?"

"Thank you."

Jessica has taken her fill and is fast asleep. He places her in Sam's arms and wraps his own around his two soulmates. "Have something amazing to tell you, Sam. She's ours, she's really and truly ours."

Sam doesn't seem to comprehend what John is saying so he takes Sam's right hand and lays it over Jessica's birthmark, knowing he will be able to feel it. "Jessica is our soulmate, baby." He slides Sam's other hand between Jessica's legs. "Hold out your finger," and guides it into Jessica's tiny cunt, then presses his own in next to it. "Forever and eternally ours."

John and Sam take Jessica home two days later and it's another five days before John finally takes off the blindfold allowing Sam to see his baby daughter and bond-mate for the very first time. She has Sam's eyes and John's nose and is the most perfect, most beautiful thing Sam has ever seen. She's a week old when John and Sam make love to her together for the first time, using thumbs and fingers and tongues to pleasure her little body. She coos and giggles and squirms the whole time and John falls madly in love with her and Sam all over again.

He pushes deep into Sam's ass as he gathers them both in his arms. His tears flow thick and fast as he sobs, overwhelmed with love and joy and happiness.


Tags: character: john winchester, character: sam winchester, kink-meme fill, kink: dub-con, kink: extreme underage, kink: mpreg, pairing: john/jessica, pairing: john/sam, pairing: john/sam/jessica, pairing: sam/jessica, spn fic
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