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Looking for beta for my Sam-centric/Dean-lite Big Bang

I'm after someone willing to read through my big bang and let me know what they think in terms of plot-flow and characterisation. Am okay for spelling and grammar, need more thoughts on actual story content and general suckiness/awesomesness.

I'm still doing edits on early chapters and finding it very slow going. I know what I want to write but what's in my head (and sounds good there!) reads like badfic when on the screen.

It's a very early season 4 Sam-centric/Dean-lite (Dean doesn't appear until the epilogue but is always in Sam's thoughts) slash fic with a good helping of Sam/Ruby2.0 (dub-con), a mention on Sam/Jess and non-con slave!Sam/OMCs. Lots of violence (sexual, physical and emotional) that takes place in a world where slavery exists.

Total fic is currently at 67,0000 words (13 chapters + prologue & epilogue) and the prologue & chapter 1 is ready to go. I post in mid August, so am hoping to have it done by about the first week of August.

Summary: Saved from almost certain death by a spell cast from another time and place, Sam will have to draw on every ounce of courage just to survive. Along the way he'll encounter new friends and make new enemies, at times not knowing which is which.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, leave me a comment or send a PM.

Thanks in advance,
Tags: bb: spn-j2 2013, spn fic
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