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Happy 8th Anniversary, Supernatural

Snurched from ash48 & zebra363


I started out very bi-bro, loved both boys and actors equally and couldn't decide who my favourite was until 1x06 Skin and the scene where Sam is tied up in the shifter's lair and my heart was forever taken by him (and Jared) from that moment on. I'm still not even sure why it hit me so hard, but that was when I became the rabid Sam!girl that I am now.

I do still love Dean and always will, even though some of the things he's done and said to Sam over the years have me not liking him at times (the end scene of 5x01, throwing the Samulet into the trash right in front of Sam, telling Sam he trusts him only to go behind his back and kill Amy in season 7, the fake Amelia 911 text, what Sam should confess in 7x23 Sacrifice) but it's Sam who I am absolutely, completely irrationally obsessed with.

Tags: character: dean winchester, character: sam winchester, jared padalecki, memes, supernatural
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