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SPN 30 day Challenge meme - days 4-8

Another multi-post to catch up. Working the midnight-8.30am shift is really screwing with my body clock and online time. Will try to post daily from now on.

Day 4- Favourite male character (besides Sam or Dean): Lucifer/ Samifer
I loved every ep Mark P was in, every single scene and every single line of dialogue, from the first time he appeared in Sam's dream to the very awesome Swan Song, Hello Cruel World and Repo Man (I still shudder when seeing the split tongue he poked out at Sam. Not much creeps me out in SPN but that image does) to the very last scene of them together in The Born Again Identity. And the icing on the cake was getting to watch Jared play Lucifer, not once but twice and blow it out of the ballpark both times.

Day 5- Favourite female character: Ruby 2.0
I love the fact that Ruby was a character that interacted primarily with Sam and was someone for Sam to confide in. And, of course, Gen being on the show led to Jared falling in love, getting married and becoming a daddy.

Day 6- Favourite SPN actor/actress: duh!! Jared, of course. :-)

Day 7- Favourite angel (besides Castiel): Lucifer (see day 4 for my reasons)

Day 8- Least favourite character-: This is an easy one. The Ghostfacers. I liked them okay in the small doses we got in Hell House but with each appearance after that I dislike them even more. Season 3's Ghostfacers is my all-time least favourite ep and the 1 ep I usually skip when doing a rewatch. And WTF was that insert/snippet of them in Hammer of The Gods all about? I don't find any of them interesting or funny and I really hope to never see them again.
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