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Bath Time (John/Sam) NC17 extreme underage

TITLE: Bath Time
PAIRING: John/Sam, minor Sam/Dean
WORDS: 1800
WARNINGS: extreme underage (Sam is 6/Dean is 10), daddycest, fingering, masturbation
SUMMARY: For Sam, bath time is all about his daddy making him feel good on the inside.
A/N: Wrote this ages ago for a kink meme prompt that I can't find anymore. First posted it on a sock account which, for some reason known only to the LJ gods, has been deleted and purged, so figure I might as well post it here with the rest of the depravity.

Bath Time

"Remember to always rinse and repeat," Dad says as Dean watches him gently tilt Sammy’s head back and pour warm water over Sammy’s hair, taking care to make sure the suds don’t run into his eyes. It’s an order, no different from the dozens of others Dean is given every day and well into most nights, despite Dad’s quiet tone.

Without even thinking about it, Dean straightens his whole body, standing almost at attention as he replies automatically, “Yes, Sir.”

Dad's other hand is between Sammy's spread legs, Dad's fingers firmly stroking Sammy's tiny penis so that it grows stiff and straight. Sammy is squirming and wriggling in Dad's lap and Dad settles him with a breathy "be still, lover," before laying a trail of kisses on the damp skin of Sammy's shoulder and neck, cheek and finally his mouth.

Dean continues brushing his teeth, the various sounds of pleasure being given and taken and shared coming from the bath as familiar as those he's heard nearly every night since Sammy's 6th birthday a few weeks ago. Dad's voice, deep and rough, the perfect counterpoint to Sammy's higher pitched gasps and giggles as they make each other feel good on the inside — making love, Dad calls it. Dean thinks that explains why Dad calls Sammy his lover so often.

Sammy's cries suddenly become more desperate. "More, DaddyJohn, want more." and Dad replies with "okay, lover. Daddy's going to show how much he loves you, babyboy." Dean knows what Dad is doing without having to look. Dad's hand moving rapidly along Sammy's fat little penis, faster and faster til white liquid that reminds Dean of runny milk beads at the tip. Sammy screams high and loud before slumping back against Dad's chest, limp and trembling and sobbing quietly in the circle of Dad's strong arms and still Dad is holding Sammy's penis, gripping and stroking and releasing, over and over, stopping just seconds before Sammy's almost silent whimpers can turn into genuine cries of distress.

And then Dad does something he's never done before. He lifts Sam up, closes his long legs and turns Sam around to face him before settling him on his lap once more. "Lay back, lover. Daddy's got a surprise for you," he says as he guides Sam to rest his head against Dad's knees. Sammy's feet are on either side of Dad's waist, spreading his legs wide and exposing his bottom. Dad leans forward and kisses Sam all over, soft gentle kisses on his face and mouth and throat and belly. One hand glides the length of Sam's small body, up and down, up and down, fingers trailing and caressing Sammy's baby-soft skin.

Dad slowly straightens his legs til Sammy is laying almost flat, his backside now raised and on display. Dad runs one finger over Sam's soft penis, down to his tiny, shrivelled balls. Sam whimpers, moving one hand to grab at Dad's wrist. "Don't. 'm sore."

"It's okay, baby. Daddy gonna make you feel real good again." His finger has reached Sammy's ass and he circles it around the rim, pressing slightly. "You have such a sweet little hole. Gonna put my finger inside it, baby. It's gonna hurt just a little but not for long, ok?"

"Don't want more hurt, Daddy."

"But you're a brave boy, you're my brave baby boy and you want to make Daddy proud, don't you?"

"Yes, DaddyJohn."

"You want my finger in your hole, don't you? Want me to make you feel good on the inside? Want Daddy to feel good too?"

Dad was kissing him again, long and soft and slow and and holding his penis again and stroking him again, longer and softer and slower.

"Yes, Daddy, want feel good, you 'n me, please Daddy."

"Okay, sweetheart. Just relax."

Sammy cried out when Dad pushed his finger inside.

"Sshhhh, lover. Daddy's here, Daddy's right here." He held still as Sammy squirmed and sobbed, talking to him softly, soothing and comforting his son. "Gonna move now, gotta go deeper, baby."

And Dad slowly pushed his finger into Sammy's ass, firm and steady and not stopping til it wouldn't go any further. Sammy moaned and rocked his hips, trying to move away, but Dad placed his large hand over Sammy's waist holding him in place. "Hold still, lover. Daddy's in you now, all the way inside your sweet, tight hole. Feels so good, baby, so hot and wet." He moved his finger, pulling it almost out before pushing it back again, in and out, over and over, quick and hard then slow and soft.

Sammy was crying openly, his small body rocking back and forth as Daddy finger-fucked him. "Daddy, please, no more." But his pleas were weak and useless.

Dad's cock was stiff and erect, pressed against Sammy's backside.

Dad shifted his legs again, bringing them up, raising Sammy til he was sitting on Dad's lap. "You doing so well, Sammy. So brave, so good for Daddy. Being inside you like this feels so good, wanna make us feel even better."

He added a second finger alongside the first, gently lowering Sam down, using Sammy's own body weight to stretch him further and penetrate him. He couldn't move his fingers much in this position but Dean could tell Dad didn't really care. He had his free hand on Sammy's hip and was helping Sammy move up and down, only a little bit, but enough to lift Sammy's ass an inch or two. Sammy had gone quiet and limp, offering no resistance allowing Dad to fuck him as he pleased. Dad's cock was bobbing up and down as Sammy moved, thick creamy fluid oozing from the top and running down the shaft, coating Sammy's backside and dripping onto his hole where Dad's thick fingers pumped in and out. Dad held Sammy still a couple of times, Sammy's ass pressed tight against Dad's hand, Dad's fingers as deep as they could inside Sam's rear passage.

"Got your surprise now, lover. You gotta hold still, okay? Hold real still for Daddy and I'll make you feel better than you've ever felt before." And then Sam cried out, long and loud, his cry quickly becoming a shrill scream. And Dad held him and kissed him, muffling the noise filling the small bathroom. He petted and stroked and rocked Sammy, telling him in soft whispers, "Love you, baby, love you so fucking much. Hurtin' for me, crying for me. Makes me feel so good. Wanna stay in you forever and ever. Gonna do this to you every day, every night."

Soon the scream turned into sobs, Sammy moaning over and over, "Daddy, goodhurt, how, hurts good."

"It's your sweet-spot, baby. Daddy touched it so you'll feel good inside and out, feel good all over. Gonna touch it every time I'm inside you."

And Dad smiled, a big full-face smile that lit up his eyes in a way Dean had never seen before, but has seen many times since. He sees it every time Dad comes home from a hunt and lays eyes on Sammy. Sees it as Dad almost runs to wherever Sammy is in the room, gathers him in his arms and smothers him in kisses. Sees it when Dad carries Sammy to the bed they've shared since May, lays Sammy down and slowly undresses him before laying down beside him or over him, hiding Sammy's small body from Dean's view.

Then Dad jerked and shuddered and groaned once, twice, sloshing water over the side of the tub and onto Dean's bare feet. Milky white come shot into the air, splattering over Sammy's bare back, landing in Sammy's hair where it brushed his narrow shoulders. Dad's mouth had slid down to Sammy's throat and a third painful-sounding groan was muffled by Sammy's flesh between his teeth.

When Dad's hand finally stopped moving, Sammy's penis was a mottled reddish-purple and swollen and hurt-looking. There was also a wicked-looking bruise already forming on Sammy's throat, the latest of many such markings scattered over Sammy's pale skin. Some last for hours, others days, but they are always replaced with new ones before they fade completely.

Using one hand Dad lifted Sam for the last time, finally withdrawing his fingers from Sammy's abused ass. He turned Sammy til he was sitting sideways on his laps, cradling him like Dean remembered Mom holding him. Holding Sammy's penis loosely, Dad gathered some of the white stuff on his thumb for Sammy to lick clean. 'Thanks, DaddyJohn' . He had recovered quickly, whatever pain there was now a distant memory. Dad repeated the gesture and this time Sammy sing-songs with a giggle of delight, it's "Dean's turn, DaddyJohn, wanna Dean have some."

Sammy loves it. Dean doesn't. It tastes awful, salty and bitter and warm like rancid butter, but he knelt by the tub and let Dad smear his lips without complaint because he knows it makes both Dad and Sam feel good on the inside to watch him take their sacred offering into his mouth and swallow. He always feels queasy for a while afterward, can never get the taste out of his mouth no matter how much he brushes his teeth but it's nice to feel, if only very briefly, a part of their special world. Not good on the inside sort of nice--, even when Sammy pushes his own coated thumb and fingers between Dean's lips and into Dean's mouth-- he only gagged the first time couple of times, Dad telling him to relax and open wide, to let Sammy in—but nice all the same.

The morning after Dad slept with Sam for the first time Dad told Dean that he will never want to make love to him, "We're not lovers, Dean. We will never be lovers. You're just my son and I'm just your father and that's all we'll ever be to each other. That's all I ever want us to be."

"But Sammy's your son too."

"Sammy's different. He's special, that's why he's my lover and I'm his."

And Dean didn't argue because Dad was right. Sammy is very special and he deserves every bit of love that Dad can lavish on him, deserves to be Dad's lover, to be held and kissed and worshipped.

He watches with absolutely no jealousy as Dad gets out of the bath, dries Sammy off and carries him into the main room. Sammy is fast asleep when Dad lays him their bed, turns him onto his side and slides in behind him, enveloping Sammy's tiny body with his enormous one.

Dean turns out the light and goes to bed, safe in the knowledge that Sammy is loved and protected.

Tags: fic: bath time, kink-meme fill, kink: daddycest, kink: extreme underage, kink: fingering, kink: masturbation, pairing: john/sam
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