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The Blacklist 1x01

Just watched the first ep and was blown away right from the first scene. I've loved James Spader since I first saw him in The Stargate movie and have followed his career ever since. Fell absolutely head over heels with him and Alan Shore in Boston Legal, so it's beyond great to see him back on TV and in a role that he can really sink his teeth into.

What follows are the reactions I was posting to Facebook as I watched the premiere episode for the first time. No spoilers. Just lots of OMG's and Holy freaking crap and squee. Would have written more but frequently I couldn't pull my eyes away from my TV long enough to type.

5 minutes into watching The Blacklist and I'm hooked already. I am gonna love this show.
James Spader FTW!!!!
Have missed him so much since Boston Legal ended. Great to have him back on my TV.


20 minutes into The Blacklist and all I can say, with my hand over my mouth, is HOLY FUCKING CRAP!!!! This is frelling brilliant!!!!


I knew something was gonna happen at the roadblock but not THAT!!!!!


Wow what a crazy, scary, awesome and thrilling ride the 1st ep of The Blacklist was. It's gonna be pure torture waiting a week between episodes. Can I have them all now, please?????


And it makes me want to re-watch James in Boston Legal.
Back to Blacklist and I was a little worried that it would be too similar to The Following, another fantastic show that grabbed me right from the first ep but BL is so different and I think even better than TF.

I think this was my favourite line/quote from the whole ep:

Reddington to the FBI agent:(after getting his demand of being put up in a 5-star hotel that he has stayed at before)
"Tip the gentleman, will you?"
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