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SPN 30 Day Challenge Meme Days 13-20

Been so snowed under with work and completely lacking any energy or desire other than to sleep that I'm doing a couple of mass postings over the next two days to get this meme complete before 9x01 airs on Wednesday.

Day 13- Favourite Bobby scene: Would have to be from the end of 5x01 Sympathy For The Devil where Bobby apologises to Sam for what he said when he was possessed earlier in the episode and that he would never cut Sam out of his life.

Day 14- Ruby 1.0 or 2.0: Gotta be number 2 for the way she seduced Sam into her ultimate plan of killing Lilith and setting Lucifer free.

Day 15- Episode that makes me cry: If I could pick one from the future it will definitely have to be the very, very last episode of SPN ever. I just know I'm gonna cry buckets when seeing our boys on screen for the very last time. Of past eps, I'd have to go with 3x16 No Rest For The Wicked, with Heart and Swan Song as very close runner's-up.

Day 16- Favourite demon: Meg!Sam

Day 17- Favourite SPN ship (Dean + Castiel, Sam + Jess, Meg + Cas) Sam/Ruby2.0

Day 18- Favourite ghost/monster: Probably a tie between the Benders and the pagan gods from SPN Xmas

Day 19- Favourite gag reel moment: Jared splitting his pants and being unable to open the window

Day 20- Favourite crying/sad scene: Definitely Sam's scene at the end of Heart right before he has to shoot Madison. Made all the more powerful by having the camera stay with Dean rather than going with Sam.
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