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SPN 30 Day Challenge Meme Days 21-25

Only 1 day to go til season 9 arrives and I'm already salivating. Bring it on!!!!!

Day 21- Favourite sex scene: This is a no-brainer. 4x09 I Know What You Did Last Summer's Sam/Ruby. I read somewhere that this was the scene that cued the crew into the fact that Jared and Gen were more than just co-stars. It's my all time favourite, love it from the moment Ruby kisses Sam and then every single frame that happens after. It's the wonderful climax of a seduction that began way back at the start of season 3 when Ruby first appeared and saved Sam's life.

Day 22- Least favourite episode or season: Ghostfacers from season 3, as it has way too little of my boys and way, way too much of my least favourite characters. And season 3, though I still love it to death, only because of the damned writer's strike cutting it down to 16 eps.

Day 23- Favourite Winchester (not Sam or Dean): With so few to pick from, this shouldn't be that difficult. I guess I'll have to go with John. I just love all his scenes, but especially the ones with his boys and Sam in particular and how the intensity just seems to go through the roof every time they interact.

Day 24- Funniest episode: Can I have 3???? Bad Day At Black Rock. Jared's physical comedy is a delight to watch and who will ever forget the now iconic "I lost my shoe."
Mystery Spot. Well at least the first 3/4 of the ep is hilarious although, because it's pretty much only watching Dean die over and over, it shouldn't be but it is. Funniest of all for me is watching the changes in Sam's reactions to seeing Dean die. And because the last 1/4 is so dark and serious and heartbreaking, it makes the rest even more humorous.
Clap Your Hands If You Believe. Would never have thought we would see Souless!Sam doing comedy but we did and I loved it!!

Day 25- Favourite season premiere: 1x01 Pilot. It's where it all began and without it we wouldn't have our little show. Plus as soon as I've finished my almost constant re-watches, I'll always want to go right back to the beginning and see the boys before all the shit hit the fan.
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