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SPN 30 Day Challenge Meme Days 26-30

Have really enjoyed doing this meme and have loved reading all my flists responses.

Day 26- Character I'd most like to see return: Missouri. I loved her scenes in Home so much. I especially loved how gentle and supportive she was with Sam and how snarky she was with Dean.

Day 27- Favourite Sam quote: "Jerk."
But seriously, this one from 6x22 The Man Who Knew Too Much pulls at all my heartstrings:
SAM: You know me. You know why. I'm not leaving my brother alone out there.

And Jared's delivery and the completely broken look on his face on this one from 7x02 Hello Cruel World just kills me:
Wait. Are you seeing him right now?
SAM nods.
You know that he’s not real. Right?
He says the same thing about you.

Day 28- Favourite Dean quote: "Bitch."
From 4x03 In The Beginning:
Sammy, wherever you are, Mom is a babe. I'm going to hell... again.

Day 29- Meg 1.0 or Meg 2.0: Meg 1.0 definitely. I never connected with Rachel Miner's portrayal of Meg and I wish they could have somehow got Nikki back. Plus Meg 1 was connected more directly to Sam unlike Meg 2 who had most of her scenes and dialogue with Dean.

Day 30- Favourite season finale: I can't separate Swan Song and Sacrifice. Both brilliant episodes with amazing performances by Jared.
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