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And the countdown to claiming begins

Just spent the last couple of hours going through all the wonderful, amazing art prompts for spn_reversebang. Had the hardest time narrowing down my initial list of about 12 to my top 5 and then getting those 5 in order but it's finally done. I'm really, really hoping I get either of my top 2 as those were the ones that grabbed me from the start but I'll be happy with snagging any of them. Have ideas already forming in my twisted little mind and can't wait to start writing.

Claims to open up in just over 15 hours. The timing is great as I get home from work just before so will be wide awake and raring to go. Will even have them typed up in a word doc so I can cut/paste into the comments sections as soon as the claims post is up.
Tags: spn fic, spn_reversebang, writing challenge
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