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SPN 909 first reaction---- OMG! OMG! OMG!!

I was right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That angel was not Ezekiel!!!!!! I had this theory right from 901 when Cas only verified the name without actually seeing him. And that other angel who attacked Dean didn't recognise Zeke either.


I speculated that "Zeke" would at some stage impersonate Sam without Dean (or us) realising. I'm guessing Beer Run Sam was really Gadriel but with his revelation that he was eavesdropping on Dean and Kevin, he could have been steering the SammyShip much earlier in the ep.

And so Sam still doesn't know that he is possessed. I was so sure he was going to find out tonight, but I love the direction this is going. As long as we do get my Sammy back, I'm more than happy to go along for the ride.

And........ OMG THEY KILLED KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally did not see that coming, given how popular Kevin (and Osric ) is within the fandom.

What a fantastic episode and what a cliffhanger to leave us on for the next 5 weeks.

I even enjoyed Cas, especially once Theo asked for his help and he stole Theo's grace. That was the smart warrior angel Cas that I've been missing so much these last few seasons. Mind you, Cas at the beginning was pretty darn adorable, wanting to be with the boys and hunt and drink with them.

I was impressed with Dean trying so hard to tell Cas and Kevin about his 'Angel problem' without actually telling them the angel he wants to nuke is in Sam.

Not sure what to think of Metatron's statement that ALL angels fell including the imprisoned ones. Does that mean that Lucifer and Michael are now out of the Cage????
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