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Shiny, pretty things!!!

Look what the wonderful peeps at omgspnbigbang gave me!!! Just for writing over 4028 words in a couple of weeks on my spn_j2_bigbang fic, Holding Out For A Hero. It's challenges like this that really keep me inspired and make doing something as epic as the Big Bang all that much more fun.

In a general BB update, I'm still rolling along with major edits to the early chapters and sending stuff to betas and getting some great and very helpful feedback. Haven't written much in the last couple of days though as I stumbled across a spn_kinkmeme fill that was just screaming my name and that is totally different to my BB. I'm gonna finish it right now then it will be back to Sam/Ruby and Sam taking control, then getting ambushed and saved and then lost.
Tags: 2014 big bang, pairing: sam/ruby2.0, spn kinkmeme
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