vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

I'm leaving on a jet plane. :-) :-) :-)

It's 3.30 am and I should be sleeping but I'm way too excited and too wired to sleep.

Tonight I fly to Melbourne to attend the Armageddon con and meet David Hewlett (McKay) from Stargate Atlantis and Gary Jones (Walter/Chevron Guy) from Stargate SG1. Still majorly bummed that Michael Shanks had to pull out due to work commitments but am still determined to have one hell of a weekend and enjoy myself to the absolute max.

One highlight of the weekend will be meeting and hanging out with people I know online and have become friends with. Mon and Marti and Ann Marie and Manu, to name just a few. And catching up with people I haven't seen in RL for months (Jenny) and years (Sherrie).

Also looking forward to seeing Bjorn Again (ABBA tribute band) on Sat night with Jenny at the Crown Casino. Am a huge ABBA fan, have been since childhood, but never got to see them live, so I hope BA are as good as I've heard they are.

Then it's on to LA at lunch-time on Monday for what is sure to be the most amazing 10 days of my life. Am going to the official Farscape con at Burbank where I'll get to meet Ben Browder and Claudia Black and lots of other Farscape cast, not to mention a huge bunch of very friendly, though slightly crazy Scapers from all over the planet. 

Whilst in LA, I plan on doing all the usual touristy things like Hollywood and Beverly Hills and Universal Studos and Warner Bros studio tours and a couple of days at the Happiest Place in the world........... DisneyLand!!!!

So, everything (almost) is packed into my suitcase and carry-on bag. As suspected, I'm taking way too many clothes and way too many pairs of shoes, (if that's at all possible) and not nearly enough money. :-( The falling AUS$ has really cut into my budget. Before the global financial crisis it hit a high of 98 US cents. Now it's at 68 US cents, I think., which sucks but is still better than it's recent low of 60 US cents a week ago.

Must head back to bed and try to sleep as I know I won't be getting much in the next couple of weeks.

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