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SPN 916

single layer Sam-- always a treat to see Sam NOT wearing three layers of clothing.
Dean is 'Not Moose' in Crowley's contacts list. --- LOL, that was adorable. Crowley has it so bad for Sam that everyone else is simply Not Sam
Awesome supersized devil's trap-- wonder if there was any Harlem Shake going on between takes.
Sam Latinating-- wonderful, it's been so long since Sam has spoken Latin. TWICE!!!! Also awesome that Sam exorcized Snookie instead of killing her with the demon knife.
Human Crowley getting so emotional after his fix of blood, drunk dialling Dean, crying over Casablanca, then back to his ruthless devilish self when he confronts and then kills Lola
Love how Sam is so insistent on killing Crowley. Dean seems a lot less so which has me worried for him.
Loved, loved all the Sam/Crowley interaction. Jared and Mark work so well together.
Crowley staring at Sam. Sam getting very uncomfortable: What are you doing?, being sentimental, Well stop it! LOL
Crowley stealing candy. Heheheheeeeee. Dean: "You're the King of Hell. Act like it." LOL
The Antiquities lady flirting with and then hitting on Dean. Dean being clueless for most of it. And his turn to look uncomfortable when he finally got a clue. Her making sure Dean takes her card, not Sam.
Loved Magnus. Awesome idea of someone collecting creatures for a Supernatural zoo. Has good taste to want to add Sam and Dean to his collection. But describing Sam as 'ordinary'???? Oh boy, that is so far off the mark. So glad he changed his tune later and saw how valuable Sam is.
The 1st Blade is wicked-looking
Sam's panic when Dean is in danger is on show again. More about this later.
Yes, Dean. "Be my companion" is definitely creepy and then the spell to take Dean's will away was even creepier. And the fact that it wasn't instantaneous but something that would have to be repeated a few times with Dean losing more of his thoughts and free-will each time. Kinda like a very slow and gradual possession.
Sam" We are not on the same anything." LOL and " which means you are useless, even more so than usual." Oh, Sammy how much I love you right now. Never change, baby.
"Give me your hand" Was wondering why Dean (and later Sam) was chained up by the upper arms and their hands left free. Makes sense now.
Great to see some monsters from the past. First vampires, then shapeshifter.
Dean freaking out when Sam is getting hurt is awesome to see.
My favourite part of the whole ep: Sam pleading with Dean to drop the blade.
Love that Sam was carrying the 1st blade when they get outside. Another way of protecting his brother.
No, no. not baby getting violated and keyed. That is just cruel. Poor Dean.
And once again, Crowley screws the boys over. I'll bet his plan was always to get the blade and use it to control Dean.

Can someone, anyone tell me why I'm still seeing comments on LJ, Twitter and Facebook that Sam doesn't care about Dean, that he's not concerned about the Mark of Cain and it's effects??? I just don't get it. His anguish is so obvious to me and a lot of other Sam fans. It's been shown over and over these last few eps.
Dean gets himself drugged, Sam races to find him.
Dean is freaked out by something in the Bunker, calls out "Sammy" and Sam comes running.
Dean is about to get his throat cut and Sam's is horrified at the thought of losing him.
The panic on Sam's face and his whole body and in his voice when he tells Crowley: "He's got Dean." just about broke my heart.
Sam's "Take me to my brother" hurt so much.
His desperate pleading, almost begging, Dean to drop the blade DID break my heart.

And then there's the flack he's getting for being "mean" to Crowley and wanting to kill him. Poor guy can't get a break. He was (and still is getting) bashed so much for hooking up with Ruby in season 4 and now it's because he won't be BFF with Crowley.
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