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SpringFling and I got nothin'!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, not exactly true. I received my assignment and while I got my favourite pairing, the prompts are not exactly jumping up and down yelling "Write me, write me." And they aren't bad prompts, just not what I was expecting or hoping for.

One I ruled out straight away so that left 2. One of those allows me to do very little of something that I'm not very good at so that is probably the most promising. The other is just one word that I could take in a couple of very different directions-- mythological or modern.

So anyone got any advice as to how to proceed and work the prompts into a story of between 500 & 2500 words. I'm normally pretty good at doing prompt fics, but I'm completely blanking on this one.

PS: to whoever received my pairings & prompts:: I hope I didn't make them too vague or difficult. Just know that I'm really looking forward to reading whatever you come up with.
Tags: fic challenge, spn fic, springfling'14, writing challenge
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