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The universe loves me!!!!!

Was getting ready to go out to see my local football (WAFL/Aussie Rules) team play when I check my tv for which game is being broadcast and it's my team which means rather than going out and losing valuable spnspringfling writing time, I can watch the game in the comfy of my recliner and still write!!!

Am making excellent progress and really getting into Dean's head which is great (and a bit scary) as I usually only write Sam POV. And boy am I being tough on my Sammy!!! Just hope I don't upset any Sam!Girls out there but these are Dean's thoughts and feelings, not mine.

I think my main challenge will be telling the story I want (need) to tell in only 2500 words.
Tags: fic challenge, pairing: sam/dean, spn fic, springfling'14, writing challenge
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