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SpringFling Fic--- I did it!!!!!

The fic is completed and with my wonderful betas. At 2498 words it really come down to the wire. Though I really wish I'd had an extra couple of thousand words, I'm very happy with how it turned out, considering I had absolutely no idea what to write for the first 4 days. I got in pretty much everything I wanted and I didn't have to delete anything. And, with only 100 words or so up my sleeve, I even managed to squeeze in that "all important sex scene."

I really enjoyed the challenge of writing what I wanted at the same time as having to reign my kinky side in so as to not potentially offend my prompter/ee. I can’t wait to do this again next year.

I'm also kind of sad not to be working on this fic anymore. What I really want to do is also write the story from the POV of the other main character, filling in a lot of the blanks and expanding on scenes that were cut short because of the word limit.

To my prompter: I really, really hope you like (perhaps even love) what I've written for you and that just the warnings alone won't have you running to the hills in horror.

Now back to my BigBang for a couple of weeks before I get started on my AntiChristmas/ Evil!Sam fic which is due by May 11. Have my prompts and they are delicious and my prompter wants what I love to write so I get to kink to my heart’s content.
Tags: 2014 big bang, antichristmas, fic challenge, spn fic, springfling'14, writing challenge
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