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AntiChristmas 2014 and I've got lots of things!!!!

Received my assignment and I love the prompts and my prompter's likes and dislikes match my own very very closely so I really think this is a match made in heaven (or given this will be boyking!Sam, then Hell is probably more appropriate) Thanks so much to the sammessiah mods for giving her to me (OMG!! that sounds so dirty!!!! LOL)

I have a title "Every Possession, A Duty" which fits so well with what I want to write that it's scary. It's from a longer quote that I found when "googling" some words inspired by the prompt I had been most drawn too. The perfectness of the quote sealed the deal, even though the other two prompts were really interesting too.

I even have the beginnings of the story forming. I know roughly when it will be set and what I would like to happen. Just hope Sam and Dean and the other characters co-operate. But I know they won't. They will do what they want, I'll just be the observer and note-taker. But there will be visions and demons invading Sam's dreams and non-con and chains and collars and whips and boys crying and surrender and submission and sacrifice.

Now I just have to find the time to write it while I'm still working on getting my Big Bang done!!!
Tags: antichristmas 2014, fic challenge, spn fic, writing challenge
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