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Present and future fic projects: 1 Sam/Dean PWP & 1 J2 AU

With my other BigBang fic on hold, I've just signed up for the samdean_otp minibang.

Out of a few possibilities in my unfinished fic folder, (Thank god for my habit of never deleting stuff) my best option is already halfway done at 5K (minibang word minimum is 10,000) but will need a lot of work, especially as it currently about 99% porn and no plot.

While looking through that folder, I came across a longer original fic started a long time ago that will be my very first J2. It will also need some serious editing but the guts of the story and most of the current scenes are in pretty good shape. The only negative is that it's 1st person POV which I've haven't seen much of in SPN/J2 fandom and I really don't want to rewrite it as 3rd person POV.
Tags: fic challenge, future fics, pairing: j2, pairing: sam/dean, samdean-otp minibang 2014, spn fic, wtf was i thinking
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