vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

Pimping a great idea

Spreading the word as I would love, love, love for this idea to get off the ground.

Reposting from dolnmoon 's post here:

Just a thought

So firesign10 and were talking and she used the term porn-a-palooza and I got this hysterical idea..

Porn-a-palooza.. the bigbang/minibang of PWP.. 10k or more plot unnecessary just give us as much of your best porn as possible.. It can also be Art but the Art would have to be super explicit with at least there works to tell a decent story of the experience.

I just wonder how many people would participate in something like that, because it would be awesome to just have some perfectly direct pornography no worrying about plot or continuity, what's canon what's not.. Just Write or Draw some fucking Awesome Pornos....


There's a poll to indicate your level of interest. So, go vote and get pimping this around all the comms.

I wanna write and read porn, dammit!!!!
Tags: fic challenge, pimpin' time, porn-bigbang i wants it!!!!!, spn fic
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