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Dominion-- my Hellatus saviour

I really think I've found THE show that will help get me through the long, cold months ahead before SPN's return on Oct 7. I've watched the first two episodes twice and am hooked and can't wait for next week's ep and the all the ones after that. Of course, I'm also praying desperately that it doesn't get cancelled.

I liked it from the very first scene but 3 little words got me hooked, not only on the show itself but on what is already my OTP ship: Michael/Alex.

"Leave the whip."

I love me some D/s, top/bottom, Master/slave dynamics and this show has them in abundance. All the closeness of how they stand, Michael totally invading Alex's personal space, his protection of him and his willingness to discipline Alex (and then lashings of comfort and slow, tender sex after he's tended his human's wounds. All off-screen-- or at least in my head, damn it!!!) have really gotten under my skin and into my brain.

Separately, I also love Alex and Michael and am also really liking the Alex/Claire relationship. She seems like a tough chick who isn't going to let anyone boss her around.

Am already having ideas about fics I want to write, esp of one with Michael & Alex coming to the SPN universe and meeting up with Sam, Dean and Cas. But first, I know there is going to be a missing H/C scene set after that whipping and I can't wait to get started on it, even though I have at least 4 other fics for different challenges that should take priority.

So, any other Dominion fans on my f*list??? If so, let me know as I'd love to be able to chat and gush with other peeps about this show. Am also looking for any Dominion LJ comms or author pages where fics are being posted and/or episodes discussed. I've already found some great fics on AO3 and have gobbled them all up, so am looking for more.
Tags: all the feels, fanfic, future fics, kink: d/s, pairing: michael/alex, ramblin' on, tv show: dominion
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