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Dominion 1x03

A great, though cruel cliffhanger. Can't wait for next week's episode. The preview looks fantastic.

Great to see more wonderful Alex/Michael interaction and finding out more about their own story.

Also nice to see some gay characters as well. Arika (wife of Queen Evelyn) and the Archangel Corps officer sent to pick her up. Will have to watch again to catch his name (What a chore.... Not). Though I had to smile when Arika pointed out that he wasn't interested in Alex and he replied something like "Hell no, we're like brothers."

It's weird seeing the Angel wings so much when we hardly see them at all in SPN. Yeah, I have lots of SPN thoughts while watching this show, all the similarities and differences. It's going to be very interesting when I get around to doing the crossover fic I want to write. Can't wait to see how Sam and Dean react to seeing possessed people with black eyes that aren't demons but angels. My initial idea is Michael bringing Alex to the SPN 'verse to keep him safe from Gabriel and a few eight-balls follow them.

Tags: fanfic thoughts, pairing: michael/alex, tv show: dominion
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