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Dominion 1x04

Wow!!!!!!!!!! What an intense episode and probably my favourite one yet and given how much I've loved each ep so far, that is a very good sign.

Spoilers for 1x04 to follow:

Everything was simply perfect. From the opening scene showing Alex's fear of losing Michael and his need to be with him and the mysterious healing by Uriel to the very end and the mystery (at least to me) of why Whele would want to kill Bixby. Maybe I've missed something and need to go back and rewatch previous eps.

I loved Alex's solution to keeping the tattoos hidden when he was arrested for going AWOL and that dream/hallucination scene was so very powerful in it's imagery.

'She died for you.' I thought this might have been about his mother, only for it to be revealed as being meaningful to Frost and basically saving Alex's life. Nice twist!!!

I'm falling in love with Alex more and more every episode. His bravery in being willing to expose the markings and place himself in danger to save both Vega and her citizens was just wonderful. I had thought he was just going in to negotiate. Was completely surprised when he told Frost who he was.

Wasn't too surprised that Riesen killed Frost in order for Alex's secret to stay one. It's obvious that Riesen will do anything to keep the identity of the Chosen One hidden, until of course it's in his best interest to reveal it.

Uriel is a fascinating character. I totally fell for her whole "side with me and you won't face Gabriel alone" speech to Michael and then she goes and says exactly the same thing to Gabriel. What a conniving, two-sided bitch!!!!! At least she was being honest when she said she wouldn't take sides. And that look at the end when Gabriel was holding her!!!! Pure evil and I love it!!!!!

Think I'm falling for Ethan too. He is just adorable, though I am beginning to suspect he does have feelings for Alex despite telling Arika that they were just like brothers. The look on his face when Alex told him he was seeing Claire was definitely one of disappointment and maybe a touch of jealousy.

Bring on ep 1x05. I can't wait!!!!!!
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