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The villa is mine..... almost

Hadn't heard anything from Keystart, the govt finance company I'm getting my house loan through, by yesterday arvo so gave them a ring and found out that my loan is all but approved. Yippppppppppeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! A few minor details still have to be finalised, such as the percentage the govt is going to contribute, which will be less than the original 20% seeing as I'm borrowing a lot less than my credit limit, about $30,000 less. Which means I'll owe less to the govt and be able to buy their share sooner.

And yet, it still doesn't seem real that I'm actually buying my very own home. Maybe once the finance is completely approved and contracts signed and the settlement date agreed upon it will start to sink in. Until then it seems like I'm stuck in a sort of limbo.

Can't even get motivated to continue the cleaning and sorting of the place I'm renting now so the agents can show new tennants through in a couple of weeks. Have done the office where my computer is, but that's it...... a pretty poor effort. Should get started on the master bedroom, but decided this morning to go to the footy this afternoon instead. It's a charity match between my beloved West Coast Eagles and our home town rivals the Fremantle Dockers with money going to the Victorian Bushfires appeals. Because I'm not  a WCE member and their home-and-away matches always sell-out, this will be my only chance this year to see my boys live in action.
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