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Raiding Amazon

Work has exploded this week. From thinking I'd have 4 days off, I ended up doing three shifts instead which is very good news for my bank account. Have another 2 this weekend to take me to 5.

Been feeling very under the weather with a thing that started as just a cough that spread into both my sinuses and chest. Been doped up on cold'n'flu meds and cough syrup that seems to be slowly making a difference.

So, figured I deserved something fun and good right now so headed to Amazon to spend some money. Put SPN season 9 on pre-order as well as the complete box set of 24 (price cut from $180 to $99 was too good to pass up). Also bought 2 John Barrowman cd's and a collectors DVD of a couple of his concerts.
Tags: john barrowman, ramblin' on, supernatural, tv show: 24, work
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