vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

Ouch, that hurt.

That really, really hurt!!!!

Wow, they really aren't holding back on portraying 'Black' Jack Randall as the brutal, sadistic bastard that Diana wrote in the books. I'm not usually squeamish but I could barely watch when he was flogging Jamie, even though quite a bit of it was offscreen. It really was horrific, so much more so than what I'd imagined when read those scenes years and years ago. Now I want to re-read them and see if they were as brutal and bloody as what the show gave us just now.

The flogging scene was bad enough but then when BJR attacks Claire I nearly lost my breakfast. It was played so well by both actors, perhaps too well, as I felt like screaming in sympathy with Claire, only I didn't have the breath for it. And then when he orders the soldier to kick her, that's when I started crying.

As much as those scenes were almost too hurtful to watch, it gives me hope that they aren't going to dial back the horror and sexual sadism of Randall with Jamie in Wentworth Prison towards the end of the season. I'm a sick puppy, but those scenes are probably my favourite out of the entire series to date and I can't wait to see them brought to life on the screen.

And then Jamie came along at the end of the episode to make it all seem a little better and lighter and I had a smile on my face when the credits rolled. I love, love, love that they kept the lines about each other being bothered by the others sexual experience (or lack thereof)
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