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SPN.... My top 5 eps Part 1, seasons 1-3

Late to the party as usual... :-) I've been loving reading everyone's posts on the best of SPN so far, so with less than 24 hours to the Season 10 premiere, I want to list my favourite 5 eps (in no particular order) from each season and then my top 5 over-all.

I saw my first SPN ep in season 4 (Heaven & Hell, I think). Had known about the show for years before and had dismissed it and the boys as not-my-thing. Oh how wrong I was!!! I'm especially pissed off with myself as Jared and Jensen came to Australia for the All Hell Breaks Loose con in May 09 (so far their only con appearance downunder) and I missed going as I wasn't the addicted and obsessed fan that I soon became just a couple of months later. Saw Family Remains then went and bought the first three seasons on DVD the very next day and watched them as I began watching S4 live.

The Pilot: Where it all began and without which we wouldn't be about to start season 10. I still love watching this ep and am still amazed at how young and innocent and naïve and OMFG cute our boys were way back then.

Skin: The ep that turned me forever into the Rabid!SamGirl than I am. Up until I saw Sam tied up, I was very much bi-bro. And that fight between Sam and Shifter!Dean was pretty much the hottest thing I'd seen on TV since their fight in the pilot.

The Benders: Sam in a cage. Need I say more????

Dead Man's Blood: I love all the scenes we get between Sam and John, the way Sam didn't hold back any of his feelings and anger and the glimpse it gave into the life Sam endured growing up in a family where he felt like an outsider and a freak.

Devil's Trap: Even though I knew both boys would survive the Impala crash, I was still blown away by the ending. Luckily I could put the season 2 disc in straight away and see what happened next.

Honourable Mention-- Hell House: Sam + towel. Holy Bloody Hell!!!! Who knew THAT body was hiding under 3 layers of flannel and denim????

Born Under A Bad Sign: Meg in Sam and Jared as Meg!!! Simply brilliant performance that is probably one of Jared's best. And that Meg!Sam/Jo scene in the bar, so bloody creepy yet also as hot as hell.

Houses Of The Holy: My heart breaks for Sam in this ep. All his hopes and prayers that Angels were real and just might be able to save him, so, so sad.

Bloodlust: Love the first scene between Sam and Lenore. Was shocked when Dean hit Sam. Was even more shocked when, from Sam's lack of reaction, that it obviously wasn't the first time Dean had used violence as an outlet for his anger.

Heart: Sam/Madison, so sexy and wild (Who knew our little Sammy was such an aggressive lover) and then that end scene, Sam in tears, not wanting to kill Maddy but doing it because she asked him to, made all the more powerful by the camera (and viewer) staying with Dean and just hearing the gunshot and the One Perfect Tear rolling down Dean's cheek.

All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1: Great Sam-centric ep with an ending that left me breathless and in tears and saying No!No!No! over and over.

Honourable Mention-- Hunted: smart and resourcefulSam, snarky (when he's not gagged) Dean, I just love this ep to bits.

Mystery Spot: Simply the most perfect SPN ever. It had it all, humour and heartache, devastated Sam and oblivious Dean. Sam removing the bullet and stitching the would is still one of my all-time favourite scenes. My favourite Dean death is one that plays off-screen (when Dean tries to take the axe from Sam.)

A Very Supernatural Christmas: What's not to love? TweenChesters, the giving of the Amulet, Jared spiking Jensen's eggnog.

Bad Day At Black Rock: Jared lies. He CAN do comedy and he does it brilliantly. "I lost my shoe" says it all.

Fresh Blood: From Sam beheading Gordon with just a piece of wire to his awesome and gut-wrenching "I just want my brother back" speech, I love it.

No Rest For The Wicked: I remember watching this and then reaching for the next disc, not knowing anything about the writer's strike cutting the season to only 16 eps and literally screaming out: "Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! They can't leave it there!!!!!!!!!" Then a mad hunt online for the beginning of season 4 (as the dvd's weren't out yet) Even though I knew that Dean was sent to hell, I still couldn't quite believe they went there and actually did it.

Honourable Mention-- Red Sky At Morning: I know it's not on most people's top Anything lists but it did give us the boys in tuxedos and boy did they look good!!!!!
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