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SPN 10x04

Well that was a whole lotta fun!!!!!

So nice to finally get a bro-centric ep with lots and lots of wonderful brother-to-brother talks where they actually said what was on their minds, giving us some much needed insight into how the time apart has affected them both. I know there is still a very long way to go and a lot of crap to get off their chests but it's a great start.

What I loved:
--Sam and Dean hanging out by the lake drinking beers and wearing SUNGLASSES. It's probably the most relaxed we've seen them in years. I knew the whole 'lets take a break' thing wouldn't last and was just wondering who would break first.

-- Them talking about Sam's injury, Dean making light of it in a way only big brothers can. It was so fun and lighthearted.

-- Sam and Dean going undercover as anything but FBI. Felt so much like the very early days of Show, like way back in season 1.

-- Pretty much every conversation between the boys. All of them were simply awesome, great to see Sam really pushing Dean to open up and talk to him about all the crap that has happened over the last few months. I esp loved the convo about Lester, though I did think Dean was a jerk for bringing it up again but then again that is his style, to keep bringing up stuff that Sam did wrong (ie: Ruby, demon blood, etc, etc.)

-- Wondered why Sam was in the back seat on the drive to get Tasha. Dean handcuffing Kate answered that. Plus, Sam and Dean being physically separated like that added a fair bit of tension and emotion to their conversation.

-- Sam's "I lied" confession was kind of heartbreaking, hearing him have to explain to Dean the lengths he went to to find him and still getting blame from Dean. Oh, Sammy!!!! You're damned if you do and damned if you don't!!!!

-- Dean's 'Thankyou" & Sam's "You don't ever have to say that to me." Oh, boys!!!!!

-- BAMF!Sam taking down both werewolves single-handed (quite literally!!!) And, man how scared he was when Dean was in danger and being hurt, surrendering his gun to save Dean, his anger when Dean was threatened. That's my boy!!!!!

-- Dean's lines about "getting back in the saddle, not stewing in my own crap." and "I'm just trying to do the right thing, man, cos I am so sick n tired of doing the wrong one." made me fall in love with him all over again. Dude, I cannot stay mad at you for long, huh???

What I really, really, really loved:

-- No Cas, no Crowley, just our boys saving people and hunting things, The Family Business and looking amazingly gorgeous doing it!!!!!

That's it for now but I suspect I'll have more thoughts to share after I rewatch a few more times.
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