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I can only choose 5???????

Wow, that was so, so hard. Just spent the last couple of hours looking at and drooling over all the amazing arts for this year's spn_reversebang. So many wonderful prompts by very talented artists made choosing my initial list very, very difficult. I eventually got it down to 12, mainly Sam/Dean and J2 + a couple of other pairings, 1 of which I haven't even written before but the art for it was so eye-catching and thought provoking that I could see it as a challenge to expand my boundaries as a writer.

And then came the really hard part, narrowing the dozen down to just five. Finally settled on 2 J2, 1 Sam/Dean, 1 Sam/? (being careful not to reveal the exact pairing) and that "other" pairing. Now I have to think about what order to put them in. Luckily, I'll be extremely happy to get ANY of my choices so the exact order doesn't really matter, I suppose.

I remember how crazy insane claims were last year. Had my choices in a little Word doc, all ready to paste into the comment window as soon as the claims post went live. Was pretty quick and posted in under a minute. However there were already 3 pages of comments before mine and my first choice was also the first or second choices of quite a few authors before me, so I knew straight away I wouldn't get it. Here's hoping for better luck and faster posting this year. And maybe, hopefully, I've chosen some of the more unusual prompts that may have slipped under other folk's radar.

So looking forward to claims, 11pm tomorrow night my time. Let the madness begin.

To all my fellow RBB authors, here's hoping you all get your top choices (unless, of course, they happen to be my top choices :-) Best of luck to you all.

And to the all the wonderfully gifted artists. Thanks very very much for providing so many amazing prompts. May you get the author of your dreams who will write you the most epic of fics.
Tags: fic challenge, spn_reversebang
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