vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

Damn the need to sleep!!!!!

spn_reversebang claims opened tonight at 11pm my time. I slept past 11, ended up putting it my claim at 11.32pm and may still get my 2nd choice. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've skimmed all the prior comments and only 2 other people had it in their lists and both of those received other prompts so it's still available.

Even if I had posted at 11pm as was my plan, my first choice was taken by someone who posted within about 30 seconds of claims opening, so I doubt I would have gotten it anyways.

Just waiting, waiting, waiting for the mods to confirm that R2027-- Chained is mine.

ETA: I got it!!!!!!!! Now I just have to write it!!!! Have some initial ideas to begin with and can't wait to get input and more inspiration from my artist.
Tags: fic challenge, spn fic, spn_reversebang
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