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SPN Survey

Snurched from wings128 :

SPN survery

1/ Sam -- no contest!!!
2/ Samifer -- Jared did a brilliant job both times.
3/ A tie between Meg!Sam and Ruby2.0
4/ Crowley -- I love his many and varied interactions with the boys over the years and how you can never really trust him. #1 reason-- "Moose!" & "Not Moose."
5/ 4 -- so many amazing Sam-centric eps and performances by Jared

Hmmmmmmmm, think I'm starting to see a pattern here, LOL

6/ Mystery Spot -- I can't imagine a more perfect ep, angst by the bucket load, humour that only got darker with each scene
7/ Sam/Dean -- Wincest for the win!!!!
8/ Lucifer -- definitely. Mark P was simply brilliant.
9/ Metatron -- don't think I've ever wanted a character killed off so badly. He's so smug and smarmy and just really gets on my nerves.
10/ Jensen -- I know he's the other lead but SPN wouldn't be SPN without him, so yeah.
11/ "I lost my shoe." "You know me. You know why. I'm not leaving my brother alone out there." "Bitch/Jerk" Just too many to choose only one.

ETA: Wow, this post has become a glorious Sam/Jared lovefest!!!!! Hugs to all my fellow Sam!girls. I luvs ya heaps!!!!
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