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This time next year I'll be in Heaven!!!!!!

I'm going to 2 SPN cons next year and I can't wait!!!!!

Denver on Nov 6-8 and then LA the following weekend (13-15 Nov). Had hoped for a two week gap, so I'd have more time for sightseeing but I can always fly over earlier (all the way from Australia) and stay an extra week after LACon. Am really hoping to also visit Vegas for a few days.

Tentative travel dates at this stage are arrive in LA on Oct 30. Fly onto Vegas for 4-5 days, then head to Denver on Nov 5 for the con. Fly to LA on the 9th. Spend two weeks there then head home on the 21st.

Now that I know the dates I can book air tickets and holidays and look at accommodation and begin buying con tickets and photo ops and autos.

Anyone on my f*list also going to either of these cons?? If so, would love to meet up and chat.
Tags: all the feels, spn cons: denver 2015, spn cons: la 2015, travel
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