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Supernatural Con Adventure Masterpost-- updated 01/12/15

ETA: this wonderful, amazing and brilliant birthday banner by the equally wonderful, amazing and brilliant milly_gal


November, 2015 and I'll be travelling all the way from little ol' Perth, Western Australia to the grand ol' US of A to attend not 1 but 2 SPN cons. I'll be meeting Jared and Jensen for panels and photos and autos (OH MY!!!!!) and the rest of the amazing cast (and hopefully some crew as well), hanging out with hundreds of other fans and generally having the time of my life.

First up will be Denver Nov 5-9 and then LA the following weekend, Nov 13-15. I'm also visiting Las Vegas for the first time and hope to squeeze in a quick trip to the Grand Canyon.

So I'll be using this masterpost to keep up to date with Con and travel related things and general squeeing which I'm sure will only get louder the closer I get to flying out.

Visited the local travel expo on Sunday the 15th Feb and grabbed a fantastic deal on my Perth-LA return flight. Just under $1500 including travel insurance. Will be flying with AirNewZealand on their 777 Dreamliner (travel agent said it's an amazing plane, one of the best in their fleet) with stop-overs in Auckland there and back. Have never been to NZ before and even though my stop-overs are only for a few hours, I plan on heading into the city to do a little sightseeing and maybe shopping if I have any left over spending money after 3 weeks in the US. Which means I'll have to get some NZ$. Plus, it'll also allow me to get an NZ stamp in my passport.

Still have internal flights between LA-Vegas-Denver and back LA to book but those can wait a few months. Hope to snag some good hotel & sightseeing packages then too.

Update 23/09 doing all my internal US travel by Greyhound bus in 3 sections, LA-Vegas, Vegas-Denver and Denver-LA. Have only 1 bus transfer and my longest lay-over is 3 hours in Salt Lake City on the Vegas-Denver leg. Most other layovers are only an hour or so.

Staying in Vegas for 4 days at the El Cortez Hotel so will have lots of time to explore The Strip and maybe even catch a show or two.


I've purchased most of my tickets for DenverCon2015.

Gold Weekend Pass (seat D42)
2 Jared photo ops
2 1 Jensen photo op
1 J2 photo op

I do plan on buying more with the other cast once my poor credit card recovers but I wanted to get the Boys before they sell out.

Update 23/09 I'm selling 1 of my Jensen photo ops to 1 of my roomies so I can buy ops with other cast members. Hoping to get Mark Pellegrino, Seb Roche, Tahmoh Penikett and Gil McKinney.


The Con hotel room has been booked and paid for. It's the Marriott Denver Tech Centre and from the website pics, it looks like a really nice venue.

I'll be looking for a couple of room-mates, not just to cut costs but also to share and relive all the good times with. For me, half the fun of going to conventions is being surrounded by hundreds of other devoted fans who love all the same things as I do. We can have awesome conversations without having to explain anything about the show because we all just KNOW and GET IT!!!

So if anyone on my f*list is going to either the Denver or LA cons (or both) and wants to share a room for the weekend/s, then please get in touch with me.

Update 23/09 Found 3 awesome ladies to share the hotel room (and bill) with. Have chatted on FB with 2 of them and they sound really cool. Can't wait to meet them all.


Hotel room booked for the 12th-16th Nov. Will be staying at the Sheraton Pasadena which is right behind the convention venue. At $144/night, it's pretty expensive but am hoping I can get a roomie or two to share costs. Unlike the Denver hotel, I couldn't find a room for cheaper than the Creation Con special rate.

Update 23/09 Found 3 roomies for this hotel so it'll only be about $144 each for the whole weekend.

Still waiting for con tickets to go on sale and for more con guests to be announced. Am crossing fingers that JDM will be with us in LA as I really, really want a J3 photo op.

Update 23/09

Con tickets bought:
1 Gold ticket (seat B6)
1 Jared photo op
1 Jensen photo op
1 J2 photo op
1 JDM photo op
1 JDM auto.

Unfortunately my wished-for J3 photo is just way out of my budget but I'm really happy with the ops I have managed to afford.
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