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December Meme- 1st

There are still plenty of days available for anyone who wants to ask me anything. So just head on over here, choose a date and drill my brain.

Thanks to all who have already left questions, all of them very interesting. Some I already know the answers to, others I'm going to have to actually think about but I'm really looking forward to answering each and every one.

So, it's Dec 1st here in Oz, first day of summer (bring it on.... I hate cold, rainy weather) and my birthday and the first question is from septembers_coda:

What is your earliest birthday memory? Or, if you prefer, the best.

Hmmm, this one is a toughie. Thanks, bb. :-)
I don't really have a lot of memories of my birthdays. They were all pretty low-key, usually just with a few close school friends and family, nothing really spectacular. I mostly remember being asked where I wanted to go to have my birthday dinner and always saying I wanted to go the local pancake house and I always wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and freckles.

The one that stands out the most was my 21st in 1999. My mum had passed away in late Oct, '99 and I had to be talked into still having a birthday dinner which was the last thing I wanted. However, it turned into a really nice night with just my dad, brothers, aunts and uncles and my nana (Mum's mum). Everyone shared so many wonderful memories of my mum, most of which I'd never heard before, so it almost became a joint celebration of her life and mine. Still, I would have given absolutely ANYTHING for mum to have been there and even now, 25 years later, I still miss her and shed tears for all the things she never got to see her kids do and the grand-kids she never had the chance to meet and cuddle and spoil.
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