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Wish me luck!!!!!

To say it's been a rollercoaster couple of weeks is the understatement of this and every single millennium that has ever been or will ever be. Lost my job, lost the little villa I was on the verge of buying, but found another job with better pay and superannuation and less hours in less than a week.

With absolutely no previous experience or qualifications I snagged a job as a console operator at a local service (gas) station. Been training this week and really enjoying it as it's totally different from the courier driving I've done for the last 20 years. I actually have to use my brain which is a very refreshing change from the almost robotic chore driving had become over the last couple of years. I'm meeting lots of new people and learning lots of new skills and the ladies I work with are really great, very friendly and understanding to the point of explaining things and procedures as many times as I need them to. Some things, such as the cash register stuff, came really easy as it's pretty much all computerised. Other things, such as the tallying up and reporting at the end of shift and end of day and the closing precedures took a fair bit longer to sink in.

But the biggest challenge is yet to come. Starting on Saturday, I'll be doing the 1pm-9pm shift solo. Thanks to the great training that I've been given, I'm pretty confident that I can handle the responsibility that comes with basically running the service station on my own. Di (who has been training me) and Sue (our boss) are only a phone call away and Di has said she'll even come in towards the end of my shift just to see how I'm going and if I need a hand with anything which is really sweet of her.

Other good news this week is that my Farscape 10th annversary t-shirt arrived from the US. Tried it on straight away and it fits perfectly and looks fantastic.

Taking the train down to Mandurah tomorrow to visit my dad and step-mum. They leave for a 12 month caravan trip around Australia in early May, so it might be my last chance to see them before they leave. Will miss them heaps but hope they have a great trip.
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