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December Meme - 7th


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Sorry, I'm behind a couple of days. Couldn't get on LJ at all yesterday so am posting a few answers today.

For thursdaysisters:

What kind of music do you listen to when you're writing fic?

My set-up for writing fic and, indeed all my online and computer activities, is in my lounge-room sitting in my comfy recliner with my laptop on my knee (or if Sam decides he wants to sit on my knee, then the laptop goes on the wide, flat arm of the recliner and I try to type awkwardly with one finger on my left hand).

I always have the tv on, even just for background noise, so I'm usually watching (or at least half-listening to) something while I'm writing, so I hardly ever listen to music when I write. I'm mostly hearing SPN (as I'm constantly re-watching it) or Big Bang Theory, Castle, Bones, NCIS:LA, or in winter it's Aussie Rules football and cricket in summer. Usually I prefer shows and eps that I've seen before, so I don't have to be always looking at the screen.

I listen to music mostly in the car while driving or taking Sam for his daily walks which can last well over two hours. Most of my favourite music is from my teens back in the '80's so a lot of pop and soft rock (Bon Jovi, A-Ha, Duran Duran, Chris De Burgh) or earlier (Abba, Neil Diamond, Glenn Campbell, Queen) with only a few modern bands and artists (Savage Garden, Garth Brooks, John Barrowman) and I find I get a lot of my best fic ideas while out walking and have solved a lot of writer's block issues then as well.

That said, music still influences my fic. A big-bang I've been working on for the last couple of years is inspired by Bonnie Tyler's 'Holding Out For A Hero.' so I've listened to that song more times than I can count, especially when I'm stuck on where to take a character or plot point. It really helps me get back into the rhythm and emotion that I want to write.
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