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December Meme - 11th

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For brightly_lit :

How long have you been part of this fandom, and what are your favorite parts of it and/or what do you most hope to get from it?

Although I started watching SPN in May '09, I didn't post about it until November of that year. I mainly lurked for months, quietly reading other fans' posts but not commenting very much. It was probably when I started posting fics and ep reactions and comments (and getting feedback and comments to my own posts) that I consider the beginning of my SPN family journey. I love reading what other folks though about episodes and what is going on both in the show and with the cast and crew. More than a few recaps & reviews opened my eyes to things I had overlooked that make my near constant re-watches so much better. And I especially loved joining in all the delight and squee when I found out that there were other Sam & Jared!girls on LJ who love him just as much as I do. And that not everyone who prefers Dean dislikes or even hates Sam. I have so many wonderful Dean!girls on my f*list and I treasure you all.

My favourite part of fandom is how much of a family we are. There is so much love and support and caring for every single member every single day, even during the long, empty months of Hellatus that we endure every year. Fundraisers and charity auctions for those who are struggling to make ends meet, a (virtual) shoulder to cry on when we are down and hurting, sympathetic ears when we need to rage and rant, genuine happiness and joy when things are going well and we want to shout it out loud. I felt this last one most in the hours and days after the 200th ep aired. Don't think I've ever seen my f*list so united in agreement. The love for SPN and the Js and Sam'n'Dean was so amazing that I couldn't wait to come online and simply wallow in it all. That love is getting me through the last couple of weeks when I haven't enjoyed the eps as much as the ones earlier in the season (mainly because of how Sam & Dean-lite, but esp Sam-lite) they've been and I know it will get me through the next 6 weeks until 10x10 airs.

I love this show with all my heart and soul and no matter what happens, I will be here to the (hopefully not) bitter end and I am just so honoured to be able to share it with so many wonderful friends and fellow fans.
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