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Bring on 2015 already!!!!!

Just when I didn't think I could get any more excited about my con adventures next year , I find out that Ben Browder and Michael Shanks, 2 of my favourite actors (3rd and 4th after Jared and Jensen)  are coming to my hometown next April for OzComicCon and I just know I'm going to be spending the big bucks to have the best weekend with them, which will hopefully also include dinner with 1 or both of them.

I've had the pleasure of meeting both guys at various cons before, Ben 3 times (in LA, Sydney and Melbourne) and Michael once in Melbourne, but I'm still really excited to be getting the chance to see them again. More photos and autos and panels and I can't wait!!!! And I know I'm just going to be as giddy and nervous as I was when meeting them for the very first time.

With Ben,  this con will be extra special as I'll be getting to share it and him with my best friends, a group of amazing gals who answered my desperate pleas when I first discovered Farscape and was in need of episodes to watch. All I wrote in an Aussie yahoogroup for Farscape was "I've seen an ep and I need more. Please help!!!!!" It wasn't on air in Oz at the time, I didn't have a dvd player so they copied VCR tapes for me and sent them to my local library (2 were librarians) for me to pick up. In the decade since, we've met up every few weeks for lunch or dinner, we've travelled to the other side of the country for fan meet-ups (the best of which was TaScape '04 when they were filming PeaceKeeper Wars in Sydney. We did a double-decker bus location-filming tour, had the crew madly shutting windows when we drove past the studio where they were filming and had an amazing BBQ on the beach where a lot of scenes were filmed that was attended by lots of the crew. Unfortunately the cast (Ben, Claudia, ect weren't there) but it was still a fantastic day. So many crew were amazed that we wanted their signatures and to have photos with them. These guys were production people and set dressers and special effects crew and costumers and other behind-the-scene folks who so rarely get the recognition for all the wonderful work they do. Without them, there would have been no Farscape (and the same goes for SPN as well)

Anyways, only 2 of this group has met Ben before, so it'll be amazing to see the others get to meet him as well. And I'm hoping that some other Scapers that we haven't seen in years will make the trip from interstate so we can have a great big Scaper family reunion.

So my poor, poor credit card is going to take more torture and I'll be living off toast and vegemite for years (maybe decades) to come as I pay it off but oh boy, it is certainly going to be worth every bloody cent.

So, meeting and hugging Jared

and Jensen

and Ben

and Michael

all in one year and at 3 cons. I truly don't think I'm going to survive so much OMFG hotness and awesome and sexyness but dude, what a way to go!!!!
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