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WIP snippet Meme

Seen everywhere.

Here's my 3 snippets, a kinkmeme prompt, a current BB & my first J2 fic

It's a ritual now. There are no words spoken, just looks exchanged as Sam takes Dean's hand and leads him into the tiny bathroom in Rufus' cabin.


A small gust of warm air blows against his temple, ruffling his hair. "Saaammmmmmy. I'm waiting, honey."

"One... two... three..."

"Backwards from sixty." Teeth nibble at his ear lobe as a finger brushes light circles around his belly button. "In Spanish."

"Oh, you-"

"Now, my love. Otherwise it will be from a hundred, leaving out all prime numbers."

"Sesenta... cinuenta y nueve... cinuenta y ocho... cinuenta y siete...."

She doesn't touch him at all from forty to fifteen and it's the longest twenty-five seconds of his life.

"Quince..." Tongue swirls over his right nipple nearly make him lose his place and his load. "Catorce... trece..," he grits out between clenched lips.

"You doing good, baby, so good. Not long now." She lays down beside him, draping one arm across his chest, one slender leg across both of his, her head fitting perfectly into the curve of his neck. "Love you so much." She kisses him, sweet and soft, just the barest whisper against his quivering lips. "Be right back."

The first warm heavy drop hits his forehead just above his right eyebrow as he reaches single figures. He ignores it, too focussed on reciting the barely remembered words, thinking only about burying himself hard and fast and deep inside her the nano-second she releases his hands.




"Why this club? Why tonight?"

"We met here a couple of weeks ago." He pauses. I nip at his earlobe, hard enough to hurt but not enough to mark him. It's only a warning after all. Marking is for fun and fun is for later.

"Why tonight?" I repeat.

"It's our wedding night. I married him this afternoon."

Jesus Fucking Christ. Just when I thought things couldn't get any more perverted, my new lover proves me wrong in a most delicious way.

Jared is staring at his bare ring finger. "Guess this means I'm divorced now." And then he laughs. It sounds normal enough, but it's not normal at all. It's the sound of someone on the verge of losing his sanity. Have I pushed him too far too soon?

Shit! I need a cigarette.

Tags: memes, pairing: j2, pairing: sam/dean, pairing: sam/jessica, spn fic
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