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Is that MY Sammy that I see????

I normally avoid spoilers like the plague but am really needing to see some positive Sam stuff (or heck ANY Sam at all) and this vid is just what I needed. Can't wait for this current mini-hellatus to end. Just hope I'm not setting myself up for massive disappointment.

caps by raloria from the latest SPN promo vid.

Favourite caps:


Sam and Cas at a summoning/séance??? Finally Sam is being shown to do something proactive to help Dean. Will be disappointed though if this was Cas' idea. Please let this be Sam's plan and Cas is there for support. God knows Sam needs all the support he can get right now.


Sam pointing the gun at Metatron and the look of absolute hatred on his face.


And probably even best of all, Metadouche cowering in absolute fear. If I had a first born, which I don't, I would gladly give him/her up for it to be Sam who kills the smug, smarmy waste of space.

Sam1015-01 Sam1015-02

Sam hitting the bloody dude over the head. Now that's the BAMF!Sam I've been missing so much. Please let this be the beginning of BadAss!Sam and not just a 1-off, 1 time thing.


Not so fond of Sam being thrown around yet AGAIN!!!!!
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