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Must resist, must resist!!!!! But it's John Crichton and Daniel Jackson together in 1 room!!!!

Bought my VIP ticket to AHBL6 in Sydney, paid for my flights. Still have to purchase my Melbourne con ticket, VIP as well.

Now OzComicCon has added Ben Browder to a Sat night dinner along with Michael Shanks and I really, really, really want to go but I don't really have the money (well I do, but I've put it aside for my other VIP ticket for J2). Am thinking I can wait until Wed when I get paid and buy it then and pray they don't sell out earlier. Or I can get it now and wait til payday to get the VIP (and pray that THEY don't sell out).

Oh where is that 1st division Lotto win when I really need it????
Tags: ben browder, j2, local cons: perth ozcomiccon, michael shanks
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