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Lots of little things to squee about

Best news first!!! I bought my VIP ticket to AHBL6 in Melbourne, so will be spending the Saturday as well in J2's company. Added bonus is more time with all the fan!girls and boys. Had to transfer money from a few different accounts to have enough but I was so worried about them selling out before I get paid next Wednesday that it was worth the hassle.

Been arranging meet-ups with friends and fellow SPNFamily from LJ, Twitter and FB. Will be sharing a hotel room with a wonderful lady I met at a Stargate/Farscape con back 2010 and have kept in touch via FB, text and the odd phone call. She sent me a beautiful pentagram pendant (which I wear everyday) and I can't wait to thank her in person.

Have so far resisted buying the Ben/Michael dinner ticket. Will check to see if any are still available after payday. If so, then I'm obviously meant to go, right??? :-)

Secondly!!!! Jared!!! Can he get anymore awesome??? I thought not but him joining FB and the daily spammage is the best thing ever!!! I've bought both a t-shirt and sweater and am hoping they arrive before late May so that I can wear them to the con.

I think being on FB really suits Jared. He's not limited to just 140 characters, so he can really take the time and space to detail his thoughts and feelings. Plus the vids have all been amazing. I especially love the one where he is playing *hookey* on set and runs into Ryan Curtis... busted!!!!

I get the biggest, probably very goofy grin on my face every time I get a notification on my phone that he has posted a new pic or vid or link. And it only gets bigger when I check them out.

This one is my favourite so far. Warning for spoilers for 10x19

Thirdly!!!! Loved this week's ep of The Blacklist

* loved Red bidding on himself in the auction as well as his very funny comments to the other bidders.
* love how calm he was during the whole process, getting fitted for a suit and being shaved. He was being SOLD for f*cks sake and you would think he was at a day-spa.
* Red insisting that Liz take the boy and leave without him.
*the look on Red's face when he was told the $40 million bounty was for his head only.

Fourthly!!!! Making good progress on my BB but will be taking a brief hiatus this week to do spnspringfling. Prompts should be emailed out in the next couple of days and am really looking forward to seeing what I've been assigned. Last year I struggled to keep to the max 2500 words so am hoping the ideas come thick and fast this time 'round.
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