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OMG!!!! They're here!!!!

Just got my email from the spnspringfling mods and I squeeled and I haven't even opened it yet. Please, please let it be all the pairings I love and let the prompts be ones that inspire lots and lots of great ideas.

OK, here we go.... wish me luck f*listies.... tabs to Live Mail and clicks on email....

OMFG.......... these are perfect!!!!!!! my top 2 OTP's are listed as pairings and all the prompts give me something to work with that I can see going in a variety of directions. 1 has immediately jumped up and is screaming "PICK ME!! PICK ME" Doesn't mean that's the one I'll do but it's encouraging to know I probably won't be stressing out trying to choose one.

Oh just had a flurry of thoughts about the pairing and when to set it and a very rough plot outline and I wanna start writing straight away and I can because I'm on holidays, so no work for the next week. With all the money I've just spent on AHBL tickets, I'm too broke to go anywhere so am literally housebound. The timing couldn't be better!!!
Tags: ahbl6, all the feels, fanfic, fanfic thoughts, fic challenge, springfling'15
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