vyperdd (vyperdd) wrote,

This has got to be in my next fanfic!!!!!

LJ put my (joke/fake) location (in the gutter... and lovin' it!!!) in my last post as a link to Google Maps so of course I just HAD to click on it and it goes to a place in Brooklyn, NY called The Gutter, a bowling alley and bar. Can just imagine Sam'n'Dean hanging out here, discussing their current case. Dean getting very tipsy (can he get drunk anymore??) and flirting with all the female bartenders and of course the gorgeous guys as well. Sam bowling strike after perfect strike and being flirted with/hit on by just about everybody, making Dean extremely jealous and very possessive/dominant. The boys hustling folks like they do with pool, going back to the motel and rolling in their winnings as Dean fucks Sam's brains out.

Wow, is it getting hot in here????
Tags: fanfic, fanfic thoughts, kink: d/s, kink: dom!dean, kink: sub!sam, pairing: sam/dean
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