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Springfling progress update

Am so, so close to finishing my fic for spnspringfling but I only have 508 words left out of the 2500 max and I need more, I want more to write the fic I really want to write and to tell the story that the characters want to tell.

I'm trying to be as brief and succinct as I can but for the first time in ages, I'm writing an extended sex scene and it's flowing wonderfully and it's sexy and it's hot like WHOA!!!! and I just don't want to have to cut it short but I'm afraid I'm going to have because certain things must still happen that I haven't written yet and I don't really want to rush the ending. But, damn it, I love this sex scene!!!!!

Plus, I didn't manage to include more than a couple of lines of very brief slash in last year's Springfling, so I really wanted to do something much longer and more integral to the story this time around.

So, is anyone else finished their fics yet? And if so, did you manage to write the fic you wanted to write within the small word count limit??? Cos I'm struggling right now but I prefer to have too many ideas than not enough or even the dreaded writer's block.

Thanks & cheers
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