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OMG!! It's here!! It's here!!!!

My spnspringfling gift has FINALLY been posted and it's everything I had hoped and wished for only multiplied by infinity. It's as if my amazing & wonderful mystery author has been peeking into my very darkest fantasies and dreams and has written the most perfect fic I have ever read.

It's super, super dark with absolutely spot-on and in-character portrayals of both Sam and Dean. Everything I love about Sam is here; his strength, bravery and willingness to suffer and endure to help others and, most of all, his never-ending trust in his big brother, his unconditional & amazing love for Dean. My heart broke for him in nearly every paragraph.

And Dean. Oh, Dean!!! Despite what he's become and what he does, he's still recognizably Dean and I just want to wrap my arms around him and never let go.

It had me hooked and breathless from the very first sentence, squirming through most of the middle and in tears by the end. And yet I wanted more, I wanted it to never end. I want to live in the world my author has created for ever, despite (no, probably BECAUSE) of how everything hurts so, so much.

Ok, I'll shut up now except to say go and read this fic and lavish the author with all the praise you can.
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