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Just a quickie

Dropping by to say that I will be answering the comments I've gotten for the character meme. Thanks to those who have already given me some very interesting characters to think about and if anyone wants to add to the list, feel free.

I've just started back at work after 5 weeks off (annual leave) and I was pretty exhausted, so did nothing much but sleep and watch SPN today. But I will get on to them tomorrow.

Speaking of show: I was incredibly bored with it on first viewing but that may have been because of how tired I was, could barely keep my eyes open. Have re-watched it after a very refreshing 10 hours sleep, and while it won't ever be a favourite, it wasn't nearly as bad as I first thought. There are still things that annoyed me (Rowena) but there are also bits that I really liked (pretty much all Sam-related). Planning to do a more detailed reaction post tomorrow but it's off to work I must go now.
Tags: memes, sam winchester, some samlovin', spn 1016
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